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Trade Show Booth Design Infographic

Our infographic on trade show graphic design is helpful to any company regardless of size or experience. Many tips are covered to help designers and exhibitors develop effective designs that will lead to success. Not every business has access to a graphic designer so itís important for business owners or trade show managers to understand how a trade show graphic should be designed.

Infographic Overview

There are two main points to remember when starting the design process. First always remember the 3 second rule. The average person only glances as a booth for about 3 seconds before moving their attention to another space. The graphic should be designed in a way that is easy to understand and will grab attention quickly. The second point is a simple one, but can easily be lost in the design process. Make sure the graphic reflects the industry, brand, and mission that are represented at the show. This is the key importance in designing trade show graphics. Itís easy to lose sight of this because details can sometimes get in the way. Keep it simple and make sure those three points are clearly addressed.

When it comes to the design itself the graphic should be designed like a billboard. It should be simple to the point and easy to understand in a short amount of time. Contrasting colors are important because similar colors can make the display look bland and boring. Busy backgrounds and patterns can be a distraction and should be minimized. When creating the design be sure to leave open area around the text, if the entire space is filled up with text it can be difficult to read. Booth layout is important to consider when designing the graphic because monitors, tables, and booth staff can get in the way of the design. Leaving open area for these obstacles can create a graphic that is more effective in relation to the booth layout. Following these steps outlined in the infographic and reading our article on effective graphic design will help any company when designing their next trade show booth!

Best Practices for Trade Show Booth Design
by NWCIDisplays.com