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Tahoe Display Product Review

Review Completed by Matt Nixon

The Tahoe display system is one of the best values in the custom modular display line up. The extruded aluminum frame, accent pieces, and center graphic skin make it stand out. There is also an option for a flat or wave canopy to add even more flare! The Tahoe line breaks away from traditional pop up displays by using an extruded aluminum framework which adds stretch, versatility, and flexibility to the booth.

Tahoe Frame Construction

The Tahoe frame, like most trade show displays, is built in China but is imported into the US for quality control. Its make from high strength aluminum to reduce weight yet support some weighted items. The construction of the frame consists of two vertical uprights, two feet, two horizontal supports, and the canopy. The vertical uprights consist of two pieces that screw together with lock nuts, and the stabilizer foot screws to the bottom. Once both verticals are assembled the two piece horizontal bars lock together with an Allen tool and secure into the vertical upright channels with pressure lock clamps. At this point the main frame structure is assembled. The next step is to install the canopy cover. The Tahoe currently offers two shapes: curve or straight. On the curve canopy there is a tubular aluminum framework that locks together giving it the wave shape. Then a pillowcase style fabric sleeve goes over the frame to give it a clean look. This is very similar construction to our EZ tube line. Once the sleeve is installed vertical post screws into the canopy through small eyelet holes. These vertical posts are then inserted into the top vertical uprights to support and hold the canopy securely to the frame. The straight canopy uses aluminum extrusion connected to the frame to support a slide in Plexiglas insert that has puck lights installed. A horizontal extrusion is used on the front to hold the Plexiglas canopy in place.

The frame is packed in a hard molded shipping case with foam inserted to keep the display safe while in transit. Lights, shelves, and many other accessories can be stored into this case. The Tahoe frame has a lifetime warranty against defects and all other accessory parts have a 1 year warranty.

Dye Sub Fabric Printing and Options

The Tahoe main graphic panel consists of dye sub fabric. This material is ideal on a system like the Tahoe because it is easy to manage and is completely seamless. The fabric can fold down and pack into the shipping case as opposed to rollable graphics which require a separate case. The main graphic panel has a silicon gasket sewn to the perimeter which inserts into the perimeter channel. This gives the Tahoe a clean, professional look without showing any seam work. All graphics are printed right here in the US and have a 3 day production time!

There are additional printing options available including printed side wings or a printed header. Both will add additional branding to the booth and can increase its marketing impact.

Optional Accessories

The Tahoe offers more accessory options than most other trade show booths. The most attractive feature is the monitor mount that can mount up to a 32 monitor! In some cases even larger with the proper adapter plate! This mount can be installed at any height on either of the vertical uprights. Its also possible to post monitors on both sides of the display. The bolt pattern is VESA 100x100 and will fit most standard flat screen monitors or televisions under 32. There are a number of shelving options including basic Plexiglas rectangle shelves that can be adjust to any height on the vertical uprights. These shelves are versatile and its possible to install multiple shelves on any system. The standoff v-leg counter is a stylish counter top that can be used to hold a keyboard, laptop, or any other accessory. Other options include lighting and a freestanding wooden counter option.

Sizing Options

The Tahoe display comes in three different sizes, 10 foot, 13 foot, and 20 foot. The 10 foot kit offers the option of either a straight or wave canopy. The straight canopy offers a cleaner look, but the wave canopy will capture more attention. The 13 foot size is unique for exhibitors with larger booth spaces, but do not what to cover the entire space with a backdrop. The 20 foot version with the double wave canopy is a great solution for any 20 foot space because it will cover the entire booth backdrop while giving it a modern and high end appearance.

Wrap Up

The Tahoe display is one of the most popular choices in the custom modular category because of its price point, quality, and unique look. Customers must be aware that custom modular displays are much harder to assemble that standard pop up displays. Although this is the case, the Tahoe can still be assembled by two people in 30-40 minutes. The clean look of the background graphic and the optional accessories make the Tahoe a great choice for exhibitors looking to step into a higher end booth without a huge investment. The lifetime warranty and quality customer support from NWCI will insure the Tahoe will work as a great marketing medium for years to come!