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Silver Step Banner Stand - Product Review

Review Completed by Matt Nixon

The Silver Step banner stand is solid choice for a retractable banner stand. After working with these stands for years there are some clear advantages over other retractable banners in the same price range. The main advantages include multiple sizes, versatility, warranty, and durability. The Silver Step has proven to be a reliable and versatile choice for years!

Construction and Graphic Replacement

The Silver Step is constructed like most other retractable banner stands with an aluminum base and retractor mechanism built into the stand. This entire stand can be disassembled in a matter of minutes with a Phillips screwdriver. The construction quality is above average and has a lifetime warranty on all hardware components. The base is available in either silver or black and has a wide footprint with a stylish finish. There are NO twist out feet making this stand look clean and high-end for a very low price point. One of the great advantages to the design of the Silver Step is the ease of changing a graphic. There is a Velcro lower leader making it easy to swap graphics in and out. The clamp bar on the top can also be swapped out with ease. We do not recommend customers who have no experience with switching out banners to do this, so we offer free installation of a new graphic at the factory. Our standard graphic material is 13 oz. stay flat vinyl that does NOT curl on the ends! Stylish end caps are included on the Silver Step to give it a unique and finished look. Assembly is fast and easy, and usually only takes a couple minutes to set up!

Size Options

The Silver Step offers a wide range of size options which include: 24”, 36”, 48”, and 60” wide models that have an adjustable height from 69”-92”. There are also table top versions available in each of these sizes with a height adjustment of 45”-59”. There are few other banner stand lines that offer all of these options including a telescoping pole that go up to 92” high. The size options give the end user the opportunity to use the Silver Step at any event. If there is a small fair where space is limited the 24” version will work great, and at a larger event the 60” model can make a huge impact. The table top versions are the perfect option for clients who travel often and need a low cost table top solution.

Versatility and Available Options

The carrying case included with the Silver Step is one of its best features. It’s re-enforced and acts as a shipping case. Most retractable banners include a flimsy nylon bag, but the Silver Step bag is strong and designed to be shipped. There are also 50w lights available to brighten the graphic in a dark convention hall. The Silver Step offers multiples sizes and height which make it one of the most versatile banner stands on the market. The standard turnaround time is 3 business days so the Silver Step is available to anyone in a time crunch. We can also ship from either CA or PA to reduce shipping time and cost!


The Silver Step offers a lifetime warranty on the hardware and a 1 year warranty on the graphic. This stand is designed to last for years and has a very low warranty claim rate. The carrying case that’s included helps to protect the stand and the ease of assembly makes it hard to damage. The stand itself is made from thick aluminum and very hard to ding or dent. In the event of damage the stand is designed to be broken down and repaired. This is ideal if repairs are needed at the event site. The lifetime warranty covers any manufacturer defects that may occur during the life of the banner stand.

Wrap Up

The Silver Step banner stand continues to be one of the most popular choices for exhibitors because it meets almost every need. Versatility, durability, ease of assembly, and multiple sizes give the Silver Step an advantage over most banner stands. The telescoping pole to adjust height is a key feature because you can match the height of almost any back wall display to make the booth look professional. The low price point and fast turnaround make it one of the best values for any retractable banner stand!