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Low Cost Trade Show Displays

Low cost trade show displays are the perfect solution to get your company off the ground at any trade show. These displays are designed for fewer uses making them much more affordable for to the end user. Low cost trade show displays include pop up displays, banner stands, and table top displays. There are a variety of helpful articles on the site intended to guide exhibitors to the perfect display for their company. The article growing your business talks about investing in the appropriate display that will give you a high return on investment. In some cases the cheapest display will work best for your company because you only plan on using it a few times. While in other situations a premium display is the best option because it will be used for multiple shows a year.

Our blog on the trade show industry is a great resource for learning about different display options and which ones will most appropriately work for your company. Many postings refer to finding "the best of the worst" when it comes to low cost booths. There are many low cost display options that work great and actually hold up over the years, but there are also many knock off designs that last for one, maybe two, shows and end up costing your company more in the long run. It is critical to find a low cost trade show display provider that tests their products to insure they will work for their intended use.

Since we offer low cost portable displays its our goal to consistently provide the best value to our customers. We constantly shop for new products that are low cost and good quality. The One Fabric pop up display is a very new addition to the trade show display market and is making an impact because its low cost and high quality graphics. Most of our displays are also coming with LED lights so there is no need to pay extra for energy efficient lighting. It is our company's goal to make sure you never pay too much for a marketing display while still getting a great value. We accomplish this by testing all of our products and keeping our prices as low as possible.

There are many companies that sell branded trade show displays and claim to have the strongest and most durable displays on the market. In fact many of the branded trade show displays are equal or lower quality than many low cost substitutes. Northwest Creative Imaging knows the trade show industry and continuously follows trends in order to find the best values available. Branded displays are quickly becoming an unpopular choice for many exhibitors in this economy because the added cost creates no additional value to the end user. With drastic increases in Chinese technology, product from China are not only economical but are also becoming very high in quality. This trend will continue and NWCI is focused on maintaining a low cost product line that will create a very high ROI for any company!