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How to Attract Trade Show Attendees

Our info graphic on attracting trade show attendees is a guide help maximize return on the cost and effort put into pre-show marketing for an event. There are interesting stats on how trade show attendees view the show. Using the tools provided in this info graphic can assist in developing a target audience and get attention from the right crowd.

Trade shows are a huge driver of the US economy including many industries like technology, healthcare, automotive, and construction. Face to face meetings are still the most effective form of getting new clients. This can seem surprising because of all of the technological advances in the past 20 years, but face to face meeting will result in a higher percentage of clients. Trade shows also result in lower future costs of getting new clients. After meeting at a trade show itís much easier to categorize a client and get all the correct contact information.

Attracting the right attendees to a booth is the first step in achieving the maximum benefit of a trade show. The infographic below has interesting stats on how exhibitors behave on average at a show. A very interesting stat is that 86% of attendees learn about a new product at a trade show. Seeing a product in person is always more effect than over the internet or a flyer. A good way to get a large number of people interested is my using social media. Using current contact lists with social media can create a buzz for a new product and get a good audience at the show. Creating a buzz and getting people to your booth is the first step in getting the highest percentage of new leads!

How to Attract Trade Show Attendees

Using tips from this graphic and our other info graphics like "After the Trade Show" will help any exhibitor in the quest to gain more leads at a show!