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Geometrix 3D Display Product Review

Review Completed by Matt Nixon

Geometrix displays offer a 3-d appearance much different than any other display system. The individual panels can be configured to make any booth space stand out. The concept is amazing and has become one of the most popular style 3D pop up displays because of its unique appearance and custom options.

Geometrix Frame and Accessory Construction

The Geometrix uses a common China built, but US assembled frame to maintain quality control and lower price. The expandable accordion frame is a mid-high grade product that comes with a lifetime warranty. After testing the Geometrix multiple times it is clear this is a solid frame that will last for years of use, but it’s not strong enough to “manhandle” or toss around without care. As long as the end user uses the display as designed this is truly a product that will last. The frame contains hub points where all of the fabric graphics attach. These are installed on the front and back of the frame making it very easy to customize the booth and make it look very unique. The frame folds down into a very compact size and packs into a soft carry bag that is included. This keeps the size down and makes it much more manageable for road travel and airport travel. There is a hard shipping case available with wheels that are designed to protect the display in the most extremely conditions. UPS, Fed EX, USPS, airlines, exhibit storage, and international travel are all situations where the hard shipping case comes in handy. It can also convert into a graphic podium with an optional case to counter kit. This makes the case work as two different marketing items and can make shipping easier and less expensive. Optional LED lights are available to brighten up the booth. They are 150W equivalents that put off next to no heat and are approved at any convention center. Extension cords and a power bar are included to make wire management easier. These lights will also pack into the hard shipping case to save space and protect them in transport.

Dye Sub Fabric Printing

The material that makes the Geometrix display possible is dye sublimation fabric. This material is so versatile that it makes all types of shapes and structures possible that used to be impossible. The Geometrix uses a stretch fabric material to give it the unique star shape look. Dye sublimation is a unique process which involves printing on a transfer paper, then running both the transfer paper and fabric through the dye sub printer which embeds the image into the fabric. This process is eco-friendly because its done with water based inks. Dye sub is also more durable because you cant scratch or etch the surface like on standard vinyl or PVC graphics. The graphics attach via holes that are cut, hemmed, and double stitched that connect on the frame pegs. The fabric “skins” are determined by the quadrants in the frame. For example, a 10 foot by 8 foot display has 4 quadrants horizontal and 3 quadrants vertical. In the industry that is known as a 4x3 frame. Even though the 4x3 does not represent the size, it gives a clear understanding of the frame configuration.

Configuration Possibilities

Limitless configuration is what makes the Geometrix one of a kind. As described above, all configurations are based on quadrants; the smallest square panel is called a 1x1 because it covers 1 full quadrant. A larger size like a 2x2 covers two quadrants wide by two quadrants high, or a total of 4 quads on the display. We offer a variety of pre-designed configurations that are very popular and work for most companies, but we can customize to fit nearly any design idea. We have skins of all sizes including diamond, 2x2, 1x2, 1x3, twist, flat front, front to back, and flat back skins to create a system that is truly one of a kind. The single greatest feature of the Geometrix is the ability to change out individual skins at any time. This makes replacement graphics easy, low cost, and manageable. We have a large number of clients who bring different panels to swap out depending on which show they attending. This is ideal for companies who offer a broad base of products or services, but need to market to specific niche groups. Some of the companies that have found this display very helpful are medical billing, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, constructions, wineries, and breweries!

Production and Facility Management

The Geometrix display is produced in Minnesota and has a lead time of 6-7 days. This is one of the longer turnaround items, but it’s because of the extra labor involved in all of the individual skins. Rush production is available for a fee if this system is needed very quickly. All printing and quality control is done in the US and we can ship anywhere in the world. Printed proofs can be requested to match specific colors, but e-proofs are always sent free of charge.

Wrap Up

The Geometrix is a great low cost alternative to the original Xpressions display which continues to have a high price point. The Geometrix system offers the same look and appeal for a fraction of the price, making it an option for more companies. We offer a wide selection of pre-configured options, while also offering the ability to customize. The option to change out individual skins makes this system one of the most versatile on the market. The low cost and versatile options make this system a favorite of NWCI and our client base!