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Economy Pop Up Display Product Review

Review Completed by Matt Nixon

Economy pop up displays have received a bad reputation because there are so many on the market. Most of these displays are unbranded so it makes it very hard for the end user to find a low cost display that will actually work. NWCI has tested multiple economy pop up display lines and brought in the Big Wave and Echo economy pop up display systems. Our goal is to find the best display in the economy segment. The Big Wave and Echo have a good reputation and US based manufacturers to back them up.

The Initial Test

When we received the products we were very surprised to find no broken parts on either units(with many economy pop ups this is a constant complaint) and everything in perfect condition. We took out the frame to examine that first. The frame structure on both units was very similar in construction and appeared very well built. When expanding the frame we examined all the joints and they were surprisingly sturdy and durable. The cross bars are connected with screws that do not have lock nuts on them like some of the other premium units. On the economy frame there is no locking mechanism and the frame gets all of its rigidity. This can be a problem if channel bars go missing, but if you lose channel bars on any display you will be in trouble. The channel bars go on fairly easy requiring very little effort. The top of the channel bar sets into a groove on the frame and the lower part of the channel bar slides onto the peg which is located on the frame hub. The channel bars are magnetic so you get a magnet to magnet connection with the panels. The fabric panels and optional graphic panels are both very good quality, especially when considered the price point.


There are a few options with most economy pop up displays. The Big Wave and Echo both have shelf options and full mural graphics. The Echo now includes free LED lighting with every kit. There is also an option to convert the podium to a counter with a graphic panel. If you choose to use the fabric panels on the display there are optional detachable graphic panels that can be made at any size.

Final Thoughts

The economy pop up displays defiantly have their flaws, and the premium quality substitutes do have advantages in ease of assemble and durability. But these pop up displays are great for budget conscious exhibitors who did a display that will do that job and look good. The Big Wave and Echo both accomplish this task and will last for years if they are properly assembled and stored. NWCI recommends these products to customers who need a low budget display that will be used minimal times. We do not recommend this product for customers who attend multiple shows a years, have different people setting up all the time, or are looking for lambda print graphics(economy pop ups donít have that option).