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Change in the Trade Show Industry is Coming

The trade show industry has and continues to be a very overpriced market that has excessive mark ups and unclear information. The industry is not widely known to many people so it is very easy to sell overpriced, low quality items and make them appear very high quality. There are multiple web sites that claim high quality and low prices when in fact most of it is untrue. There are many legitimate sites, but the overwhelming majority of sites have excessive markups and vague information which give room for deceptive marketing. NWCI recognizes this and is committed to offering a web site that is not only user friendly, but has VERY low prices and extremely detailed and honest information. We test all of our products so we know how to describe them honestly to our customers. We understand that there is a place for low cost products and high quality products. This is why we carry economy and premium lines. We describe all the products on our great detail so you know exactly what you are buying.

Trade show display systems are great marketing tools and work very effectively at trade shows and other marketing events. Most customers look for options that are affordable but still make an impact. When shopping online this can be a very daunting task because most web sites make up product names and do not describe the products properly or at all. This makes it very hard for shoppers to compare prices and find the right product. NWCI is a little different and describes ever product in great detail. We also disclose the manufacturer, location, and origin of the product. We also have many articles on Made in the USA because many companies market Made in the USA when its only partially true. It is important for customers to know where they get there products from and how much is made overseas.

Another recent change in the industry is overseas printing and manufacturing. Many of the US manufacturers and suppliers have done a lot of work to place a stigma on overseas products, when in many cases the products are just as good, if not better, than many US manufactured products. The one issue is that there are some very bad products that come out of China and if the distributor does not actively quality control which products they carry, then low quality products can end up in the customers hands. We test all of our products to insure proper function and acceptable durability and craftsmanship. With our highly informative web site it is easy to tell that NWCI strives to insure our products are very affordable while still maintaining quality.

Our goal is to make the trade show industry more informative to the end user. An educated customer is a good customer and will help the entire industry in the end. Our portable line of trade show booths, trade show pop up displays, and pull up banners is designed to provide value to the end user. We have a huge selection of products so its very easy to find exactly what you need for the trade show. Our banner stand section is divided into price levels so its easy to find a banner in the quality range that fits your needs. We also offer economy and premium pop up displays including the popular one fabric display. We also offer one of the largest selections of table top display stands on the internet which are ideal for customers looking for low cost and highly portable displays. We never stop expanding our product line so customers can be confident that we will always have the newest trade show displays in the market place!