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Brandstand Blimp Hanging Banner Product Review

Review Completed by Matt Nixon

The Brandstand Blimp is a new product that has recently hit the market place. It is a hanging banner structure that utilizes a full dye sub fabric graphic to create a stunning overhead display system. Northwest Creative Imaging brought this product on because of the great value and low price point. Like many of the other Brandstand products, we brought in samples of this product to test its quality and durability to insure it meets NWCI quality standards.

Graphic Quality

We tested many samples of the Brandstand Blimp to insure the print output is just as good as the other Brandstand products we have tested, and without surprise it is exactly the same high quality graphic that Brandstand products are known for. The material is slightly stretchy and very tightly woven. It is a 7 oz. weight material which most US printers use. The color and vibrance of the print is just as good as any US print we have seen, while the price point is significantly lower. The industrial zipper that secures the fabric onto the frame is very high quality and is designed to last for a lifetime. Replacement graphics can be purchased at any time so it’s very easy to change your theme or logo. Many exhibitors get worried about using hanging banners because they can get dirty easily and many of the convention hall union workers can damage or dirty up the graphic. The full dye sub printing on this hanging banner is machine washable on the gentle cycle and can be dried on the air dry setting. This makes cleaning and maintenance very simple and fast.

Blimp Construction

The Brandstand Blimp framework is made from 1 Ό” cold drawn aluminum which makes for a long lasting and durable frame. There is a limited lifetime warranty on the frame to protect the end user from any manufacturing defects that may occur. Many of the tubes are bungee chorded together which makes assemble much easier. All the connection points are made with push buttons which makes for a full proof design because there are no easy to break parts. The graphic slips over the frame very easily and once the graphic is zipped it creates a slight tension over the frame making for a very nice hanging structure. The hanging harness clips onto the frame and 4 or 6 points(depending on the shape) and attach at one point so the convention hall union crew can hang it quickly and easily.

Shapes and Sizes

The Brandstand Blimp is available in multiple shapes and sizes. Currently there is a circle, square, and triangle shape available. More sizes and shapes should be available shortly. The sizes range from 8’ to 15’ wide and 2’ to 4’ high so you can find a banner that will work perfect for your booth. These will work for a booth as small as 10x10 or as large as 40x40.

Final Thoughts

The Brandstand Blimp is a product that has more value than any hanging banner in the industry. The durable aluminum structure and lifetime warranty makes this system a lifetime investment. The colorful, high quality dye sub graphic will impresses any trade show attendee and make your company look very professional. When comparing this product to other hanging banners there is no questions why the Brandstand Blimp is becoming more and more popular every day!