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Avoiding Misleading Trade Show Advertising and Scams

Misleading advertising is all over the internet and unfortunately many trade show display retailers follow this marketing approach. Even some of the top online distributors blatantly lie and deceive on their web site in order to sell more products. This article is meant to help online shoppers avoid companies that are misleading their audience about their company size, production capabilities, and/or manufacturing facilities.

Watch Out for False Advertising

False advertising is a very easy way to make a product or service seem much more appealing than it would normally appear. This is a marketing practice that unfortunately is very prevalent in American society even though the majority of the population does not approve of this type of advertising. In the trade show industry false advertising usually is focused around a product or the manufacturer of the product. Many web sites advertise Made in the USA as their greatest selling point. In many cases the caption is true but many sites stretch what the phrase "made in USA" really means. This is done to assure potential buyers that the product they are looking at is made locally. Most of the time only a small percentage of the product is made in the US and can be very decieving if it isn't explained correctly. Usually asking about the products origin will tell you if the product is really made in the USA or is an import disguised as a US product.

The most blatant false advertising lie is from one of the top online trade show distributors. This is a quotation line for line from this companies site, "We manufacture our own displays in Los Angeles." and "Our prices are so low and our quality so good that nine out of 10 people who contact us end up buying from us."

This is an incredible stretch of the truth and an outright lie. Unfortunately most online shoppers do not know the industry well enough to know that statement is very untrue. This company claims to manufacture their own exhibits. In fact they manufacture absolutely NONE of their displays and do not even print in house. For the average business owner the next blatant lie is very obvious, " nine out of 10 people who contact us end up buying from us". This is a completely subjective statement that is only stated to deceive as there is absolutely no supporting data that could accurately make that statement. Also this company claims to have very low prices and extremely high quality products. If fact any online shopper can quickly determine that this companies prices are some of the highest online. You will be hard pressed to find a product that has a higher price! The quality of the products they sell are average at best.

Why am I addressing this and what data do I have to support these statements? I am addressing this issue because companies like this are hurting the entire trade show industry and are damaging the reputation of all online companies. They are also hurting the end consumer by not selling a product that is accuratly represented and overpriced. There are many legitimate business on the internet that offer products that are described accurately and reasonably price. Unfortunately this company is not the only one advertising falsely. It is very important for shoppers to be aware of these companies while shopping for their next display. I can speak confidently about my facts because I work in the trade show industry and know this companies size and capabilities. Also, their web site and product line shows products that are manufactured by other companies. Also if you Google their address you can see that their location is a small office building and is in no way a manufacturing facility.

How to Avoid Misleading Advertisements

Most legitimate companies will have a quality about us page that reflects the companies mission and origin. If you run into a situation that a companies site seems deceptive and you are unsure about the facts, simply call the company and ask them factual questions to get the correct answers. Keep your eyes open pay close attention to the product that your are purchasing so that you will get exactly what you pay for, weather it be a cheap trade show display or a high end custom product.