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Trade Show and Small Business Tips

This is a archive of multiple business tips relating to the trade show industry and small business. All of these articles are written from personal experience or are based on tips from trade show experts. These tips are great for first time exhibitors or companies that need more information on trade show exhibiting. It is important for any business owner or employee to do their research before jumping into a new venture. Northwest Creative Imaging is proud to offer tips to fellow businesses in the trade show industry. Our years of experience can help our clients and the industry in general to be well informed and up to date.

Tips for Trade Show Conventions

This is an archive of tips relating to exhibiting at trade show conventions. These articles includes facts on working with trade show displays, convention centers, shipping companies, and everything related to trade show conventions. These articles are a must read for first time, or new exhibitors looking to expand into trade shows. Simple things such as budgeting are covered as well as more complex aspects like graphic design and shopping guides. New articles are release all the time so check in to stay up to date.

Shipping to Convention Centers

Posted on 12/17/2009

Selecting Booth Spaces

Posted on 11/26/2009

Avoiding Misleading Advertising

Posted on 12/14/2009

Low Cost Trade Show Displays

Posted on 2/27/2010

Trade Show are a Great Value

Posted on 9/23/2010

Having a Successful First Show

Posted on 3/09/2013

Effective Trade Show Planning

Posted on 7/18/2013

Follow Up at Trade Shows

Posted on 1/23/2010

Trade Show Display Shopping Guide

Posted on 11/28/2009

Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on 10/05/2009

Change is Coming

Posted on 3/04/2010

Tips for First Time Exhibitors

Posted on 12/11/2012

Effective Trade Show Graphic Design

Posted on 05/31/2013

Trade Show Budgeting

Posted on 07/29/2013

NWCI Info Graphics

NWCI offers a series of info graphics designed to offer advise to exhibitors from our years of experience! These incredibly helpful graphics are a compilation of visual illustrations and data that can be more than helpful to companies in the trade show industry. We are always creating new graphics to help our customers and fellow trade show exhibitors.

After the Trade Show

Posted on 12/10/2012

Social Networking and Your Tradeshow

Posted on 12/11/2012

How to Attract Trade Show Attendees

Posted on 12/11/2012

Best Practices - Trade Show Booth Design

Posted on 08/28/2013

Tips for Small Business

This is an archive of tips relating to small business development and growth. These tips are great for any small business owner or someone who is considering starting a small business. It can be difficult to find good information when starting a company, but this archive of articles is designed to offer information to a broad range of entrepreneurs that are looking for insight from fellow small business owners.

Start Up Strategies

Posted on 1/31/2010

Growing Your Company

Posted on 1/18/2010

Making a Lasting Impression

Posted on 8/21/2013

Techniques to Effectively Close a Sale

Posted on 1/13/2014

Effective Marketing

Posted on 2/22/2013

Small Business and Trade Shows

Posted on 3/01/2013

Know Your Stuff!

Posted on 11/06/2013

NWCI Product Reviews

Our archive of product reviews covers nearly every product category on our site. We have tested every product we carry to insure it meets the quality standards we set for our suppliers. These product reviews are completed after testing and inspecting the product personally. We also take feedback from clients and add the information to our reviews. All reviews are fair and honest and we highlight both positive and negative aspects on each product to insure our customers know exactly what they are getting and if it will work for their situation.

OneFabric Pop Up Display

Posted on 3/21/2010

Orient Banner Stands

Posted on 4/21/2010

Imagine and Advance Banner Stands

Posted on 4/21/2010

Hop Up Displays

Posted on 6/7/2010

Waveline Displays

Posted on 12/11/2010

Coyote Pop Up Displays

Posted on 12/12/2010

EZ Tube Displays

Posted on 2/19/2013

Tahoe Displays

Posted on 2/21/2013

Slider Banner Stand

Posted on 1/27/2014

Arise Pop Up Display

Posted on 4/4/2010

Economy Pop Up Displays

Posted on 4/21/2010

Hanging Banners

Posted on 4/27/2010

Trade Show Pop Up Displays

Posted on 11/12/2010

Satellite Displays

Posted on 11/01/2010

Truss Displays

Posted on 12/15/2010

Geometrix Displays

Posted on 2/20/2013

Silver Step Banner Stands

Posted on 2/26/2013

Press Releases

Northwest Creative Imaging Takes a Stand Against the Overpriced Trade Show Industry

Released 12/27/2009

We also have many fair and complete reviews written about our competitors including Skyline Exhibits, Nimlok Displays, Nomadic Displays, Smash Hit Displays, Everything Displays, Exhibit Deal, Display Star, Ace Exhibits, Display It, MOD Displays, and Impact Displays.