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Article of the Day - 08.16.2022

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Multimedia Display Systems - Backlit Trade Show Displays

Backlit trade show displays can turn any ordinary booth space into an interactive media center. Digital, LED and video trade show displays will help create a more interesting booth that will get more traffic and impress clients. Media systems are also great for kiosks or information centers at museums, trade shows, and auto shows. Many of our systems can be used with a trade show display creating a multi-purpose booth space. Media displays are becoming a must have for most exhibitors in the information and technology industry!

Unique Features:
  • Incorporate Monitors into a Booth Space
  • Great way to display media
  • Mount Interactive Touch Screens
  • Stand out at events
  • Great for Lobbies and Kiosks
  • Portable and Easy to Transport
Hop Up Dimension Add On Kits
Hop Up Dimension Add On Kits

Hop Up Dimension Kits can add onto any of our standard Hop Up systems. They offer a unique look and the ability to mount monitors! They also work with any 3rd gen Hop Up frame if you already have one!

Makitso Blade
Makitso Blade

The Makitso Blade is an interactive media kiosk that includes an HD monitor and shipping case! It works great in retail locations and trade shows and is portable for any event!

Standroid Monitor Displays
Standroid Monitor Displays

The Standroid is a great media display that uses a heavy duty mount and a header to provide a unique and functional display system. The monitor mount can be used with the display or independently!

Freestanding Monitor Mounts
Freestanding Monitor Mounts

Mobile TV stands are perfect for trade shows and events where media presentations are a must! All of our stands are portable and can assemble in minutes!

Universal Tablet Stand
Universal Tablet Stand

Freestanding iPad stands are a great addition to trade shows or events. They can turn a regular booth into an interactive media center. For use ONLY with iPad 2, 3, and 4 - iPad NOT included.

iPad Counter
iPad Fabric Tension Counters

iPad Fabric tension counters are a great solution to standard portable counters. They are affordable, lightweight, and easy to assemble making them ideal for marketing events and trade shows!

Custom Modular Media Systems
Custom Modular Media Systems

All of our custom modular displays offer monitors mounts to turn any display into a media center! We have a full selection that will work with any design style or budget!

Truss Media Systems
Brandcusi Stands

Truss displays are strong and sturdy making them ideal for mounting large monitors. Multiple sizes are available and configuration possibilities are endless!

About our Multimedia Displays

Our multimedia backlit trade show display systems offer a variety of options when incorporating a monitor into a booth including digital, LED and video trade show displays. Standalone monitor stands are available as well as full size display systems that can support large monitors. Using a monitor in a booth opens up a wide variety of options for exhibitors including playing video loops, displaying new software, or creating an interactive media system. We have many systems available including displays that can support monitors and standalone systems. Our Standroid can be incorporated into most displays or it can be used as a stand alone mount.

Benefits of Using Media

Using media at a trade show can help a backlit trade show display booth stand out from the crowd. Monitors offer the ability to change graphics constantly which can grab the attention of attendees. Using media can create another set of problems because more parts and accessories are required to run video. We have a great checklist to help exhibitors remember critical components when using monitors. Check out our trade show maintenance kit graphic and keep it around as a checklist before a show! Touch screens are growing increasingly popular because of lower price points and newer operating systems that work with touch screen monitors. This can create an interactive interface for clients making touch screens a must have for technology companies. Using a touch screen in a booth space is sure to set any company apart and increase foot traffic.

Types of Media to Display at a Show

Many types of media are appropriate for a backlit trade show display including video loops, movies, promotional ads, and/or software demos. Many industries such as construction and software development can benefit greatly with a monitor in the booth space. Construction companies can loop portfolio picture to show potential new clients the extent of their skills and workmanship. When hooked up to the internet, a monitor can give companies the opportunity to show potential new clients their BBB ratings or other reviews like Angie’s list. Software companies can show clients at the show how new software works and give them a run through on site. Backlit trade show displays are also great for video game designers because they can give sneak peeks of new and exciting games coming to market. Almost any industry can benefit greatly from adding an interactive media center to their trade show or marketing event! Northwest Creative Imaging is your home for all things related to digital, LED and video trade show displays!