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Frequently Asked Questions about Trade Show Displays

Northwest Creative Imaging, LLC is dedicated to helping every one of our customers have a great online shopping experience and have a successful trade show. This is a list of the most commonly asked questions about topics relating to trade show displays, trade show booths, and trade show stands. Shopping for displays online can be very time consuming and frustrating at times, but we strive to make your shopping experience with us as simple and informative as possible.

Why buy a trade show display?

Trade show displays are a great marketing tool that can be utilized to brand your name, attract new leads, and increase your business potential. An effective trade show display that is displayed at the right show is sure to pay for itself over and over again by increasing leads and making your company well know at shows. If you are exhibiting at any convention a trade show display is a must to realize your full potential at the show. Most exhibitors have gone to full graphic displays for most shows and if you do not keep up with the competition your booth will be lost at every show you attend. A trade show display that is affordable and designed correctly will give you high returns year after year.

What should I look for when purchasing a trade show booth?

When purchasing a trade show booth it is very important to find a display that fits your companies needs correctly. You must first consider what your companies budget is and how important a good trade show display is for your show. If your competition is very week and potential for business at the shows you attend is low, then a lower cost display will fit your company the best. If your competition is fierce you should look into what the competition is using for displays and either match their display or find something that stands out. Once you determine the type of trade show booth your company needs you should find a product that will meet the demands of the shows you attend and is well constructed for long time use. There are many different types of displays on the market and some of them are very poor quality and others are well built but over priced. There are many displays that have a great price to quality ratio. NWCI only carries products that are reasonably priced and are quality built. Our entire selection of trade show booths is available on our home page!

What does Made in USA really mean?

A product can be labeled made in the USA if it is more than 51% made in America. The different factors that determine if a product is made in the USA are engineering, manufacturing, raw materials, quality control, and assembly. When shopping for a display product the made in USA label is very important because there are many knock off import displays that are inferior in design and durability, but even a product labeled made in USA should be examined closely. The most important things to look for in a US made product is engineering, assembly, and quality control. If you are skeptical of how much of a certain product is made in the USA you can ask what percentage of the product is made in the United States. As long as most of the product is engineered and quality controlled in the United States by a reputable manufacturer the display should maintain high quality standards and should last for many years.

What displays does NWCI carry?

Northwest Creative Imaging only sells the most portable displays on market. We limit ourselves on our selection of displays so we can carry multiple products while maintaining a user friendly web site. Our target market is exhibitors looking for very portable display products that have quick turnaround times and are very affordable. We also only carry quality products from USA manufacturers. Our business model allows us to offer our line of products at prices much lower than our competitors while offering the same high quality products. Many other online display retailers sell an entire range of products that range from low end banner stands to high end custom displays. This results in retailers being forced to charge more for lower priced products to help cover overhead for the entire company. Our streamlined business model allows us to offer products very close to manufacture direct prices while maintaining a high quality sales staff and design team.

How are warrantee claims handled?

In the rare event of a warrantee claim occurring, everything can be handled directly through NWCI. We will not connect you with a manufacturer or send you to another person to handle the claim. You will deal directly with the sales person that handled your order and we take care of all shipping and logistics issues.

What services does NWCI offer?

NWCI offers graphic design services, web design services, and SEO strategic planning services. We offer these services as an added option for all our customers to help them become successful at their shows. Our rates are very reasonable because we do not focus on design as the primary source of income for our company. This allows us to offer great rates, quick turnaround, and high quality designs for a very low rate compared to other design companies.

What makes NWCI different than other online retailers?

NWCI is different because we offer a specific selection of products for a certain market of customers. We can not always accommodate everyone's needs, but we can offer the lowest prices* for companies looking for high quality, portable products. We are very transparent in our operations and will tell every customer exactly who manufactures the product and where the product is made. We only offer products that we have tested and used ourselves so you can be assured that you will get a product that will work and last for many shows. We offer many economy lines of products for exhibitors looking for very low cost options, but we will be honest and tell you the negative and positive qualities of the product. We have no hidden costs and are consisted on all our pricing.