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Worlds Largest Trade Shows

Some of the best marketing tools available for startup companies to gain exposure for their products are a good, old-fashioned trade show events.

If a company’s product or service is ready for market, the biggest trick is to find which expos are best for an emerging firm to set up its trade show display. In a lot of cases, bigger is better — that is to say the biggest trade shows in the world attract the most visitors and thus a startup may have the highest chance of landing the most speculators.

Where in the World Are The Potential Customers?

For a new business, or an established one with new products, exposure can mean everything. With a new product, advertising, press releases and other conventional marketing schemes can be a waste of time and lots of money. It is often difficult for target customers to grasp the innovation of a product it has never before seen. In a global economy still reeling from recession, trade shows can act as powerful tools.

Depending on the type of product a company wishes to sell, finding the right trade fair could be the most important way for innovators to get their companies on their feet and gain market momentum because it allows show-goers to use all five senses to truly understand and witness the full scope of products’ uniqueness and worth.

World’s Most Notable Trade Shows

1. Bauma — Every three years, hundreds of thousands of visitors come from all over the world to attend the Bauma trade show in Munich, Germany. By far the world’s largest display of innovative construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment, Bauma 2013 held in April, attracted about 530,000 visitors from 200 countries and boasted 3,420 exhibitors from 57 nations. When Bauma returns in 2016, it is expected to come back bigger than it has ever been.

2. CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE — In 2011, the Las Vegas Convention Center hosted nearly 120,000 registered attendees for the co-presented CONEXPO-CON/AGG and IFPE events. The next show in 2014 is expected to attract at least 10,000 more registrants and include innovations in the following industries and fields —


  • Admixtures
  • Aggregates
  • Asphalt Production and Paving
  • Blasting
  • Compaction
  • Concrete
  • Cement
  • Drilling
  • Earthmoving
  • Engines and Components
  • Heavy-duty and Off-road trucks and more.


  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Amusement Machinery
  • Automotive Mfg./Supplier
  • Chemical and Petroleum Processing
  • Construction/Mining/Logging
  • Distribution
  • Electrical Machinery
  • Engineering Services
  • Factory Automation
  • Fluid Power products and more.

3. MOSTRA CONVEGNO EXPOCOMFORT (MCE) — In 2012, The MCE, which bills itself as the “Leading

International biennial exhibition dedicated to residential and industrial installations, air-conditioning and renewable energy,” attracted 2,122 exhibitors and 155,301 attendees from the U.S. and at least 136 other countries.

The event provides a wide view of diverse industries and is aimed at a worldwide audience of installers and designers seeking low-energy, high-performance systems. The March 2014 MCE Should even be bigger and includes a busy schedule of scientific events and presentation with ideas about business planning and upgrades.

A Taste of Opportunity

The three events above are just a small portion of the opportunities available at large trade shows and expos. Similar events are held in just about every industry imaginable with opportunities to attract new customers, investors and distribution buyers from around the world and gain exposure to new markets and clients.

Before a firm even builds its popup trade show display, Northwest Creative Imaging helps its customers identify shows that can lead to more revenue and a large client base. NWCI also can help with a variety of services, including effective trade show planning, graphic design, best trade show practices, how to attract attendees and anything else to get the best results from one’s trade-fair events.

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Making the Most of Trade Shows

Attending a trade show is a goal-oriented process. Make the most of the investment by planning ahead and attending the most relevant events. If you’re new to the scene, make sure there’s a clearly defined purpose, you know what to look for, and you have a firm grip on engaging the audience. Trade show booths are ideal places to meet potential customers, vendors, investors, and more.

Planning Your Trade Show Appearance

Show up at a trade show event without a plan, and you’ll most likely be wandering the aisles. Industry leaders from all walks of life make it their priority to be there. You have to be organized to get anything positive out of the experience.

  • Research specific trade shows. There are over 9,000 annually in the U.S.; it’s important research sources such as the Trade Show News Network to see who goes to them, how they feel about the events, and which ones are more reputable based on independent audits.
  • Formulate a strategy for trade show booths, what is to be displayed, and the personnel to bring along. It’s also a good idea to make contacts ahead of time, if possible, and set appointments.
  • The trade show booth represents your brand and company. Determine the size, design, and layout well in advance.
  • Make sure your staff is carefully selected and trained. They should be the ones asking customers questions, an effective strategy for getting leads and following up.

Getting More from the Event


If you’re visiting a show, chances are you are looking for real solutions rather than just to see what’s new. Solutions for a client’s or customer’s problem or goal are what are being offered. Here are several considerations when attending a trade show:

  • Consider who the exhibitor is targeting, what their goal seems to be, and how they use promotional products and marketing tools.
  • Approach as if you’re interested and always ask questions. It is the solutions to focus on rather than individual products.
  • Find out how the exhibitor’s products have yielded successful solutions, who sells them, and what makes them most unique.
  • Spend as much time as necessary, but if what’s being offered is not interesting, don’t waste time. Show floors are a busy place; a 10-minute conversation is enough time to build a rapport, exchange contact information, and make a memorable impression.


  • Engaging an audience is the most important aspect of manning trade show booths. Be and look ready to talk; otherwise prospects will move on. In case they seem interested, have a plan for handling the next stage of engaging a potential partner. Talking is important, but you should focus on asking questions to compliment your pitch. This will help build your rapport in the short time you have.
  • Exhibits such as pop up displays can attract a multitude of people in a single day. An 40 foot Hop Up with custom graphicsefficient strategy for lead capture is essential. From business cards to prize drawings, getting contact details is part of the trade show experience. Also, don’t be afraid to take a break and jot down notes on a card. Otherwise, you’ll likely forget some details after having so many conversations.

With a little time and effort, your trade show experience can be a successful one. Whether a visitor or an exhibitor, have an open mind and think about how the rapports you forge will help down the road.

Northwest Creative Imaging is known for products such as trade show booths, displays, tents, and accessories, in addition to innovative pop up displays which help clients stand out. The company also raises awareness of important events in many industries.

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Must-See Trade Shows for 2014

Whether looking for the best places to set up your trade show booths or you are a customer searching for the best new products in the industry to invest in, there are thousands of notable trade shows each year, held at various locations around the world. Some of the must-see shows to be held in 2014 may be the best places to find the trade show displays you’re looking for.

Trade Show Highlights for Upcoming Year

trade show eventsOf course, the trade shows you should attend are those most pertinent to your industry, so this list is by no means comprehensive in that aspect, but the following are some highlights of the biggest and most diverse events scheduled for 2014.

Las Vegas 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the premier destinations for a variety trade fairs and expos. Starting off the year will be the International Consumer Electronics Show to be held Jan. 7-10. The International CES is expected to draw more than 150,000 attendees who can experience the displays of over 3,200 exhibitors throughout nearly 2 million square feet of display space. Held by The Consumer Electronics Association, the expo will include the latest innovations in electronics, computers, software and hardware, and new apps and gadgets galore.

One of the most common themes for trade shows is building and construction equipment. Several of these will be held in Las Vegas in 2014, but among the largest and most inclusive will be CONEXPO-CON/AGG. The expo, held every three years, will contain more than 2,000 presenters and attract more than 120,000 registrants. Total display space will exceed 2 million square feet showing the latest developments in the construction and building industries.

CONEXPO-CON/AGG, happening March 4-8, will feature the newest innovations in materials, drilling, heavy equipment and vehicles and more. It is collocated with the IFPE, which features aerospace and defense developments, agricultural engineering inspirations, fluid power products and an array of other exhibitions.

Home and Garden

Atlanta, Georgia is one the premier destinations for expos that deal with home improvement and décor. Amongst the highlights, the 2014 Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market show, held Jan. 9-13. The last production of the show attracted nearly 100,000 visitors to share in the innovations of more than 2,500      exhibitors across nearly 1.2 million square feet. It features thousands of new products like rugs, home accents and fine linens, furniture, holiday and floral home décor, and other home and garden goods.

Study Abroad — Expos Outside of the U.S.

As one of the best ways to introduce and expose new trends and commodities, trade shows take place around the globe.

One of the largest trade fairs for everything automobile is the China Int’l Expo for Auto Accessories, Electronics, Tuning & Care Products to be held Feb. 20-23 in Beijing. The CIAACE hosts more than 100,000 attendees and an excess of 3,000 exhibitors. The event features more than 1 million square feet of display space divided into seven categorical pavilions: Auto Electronics and International Pavilion, Auto Interior and Exterior Pavilion, Floor Mats Pavilion, Car Care Products Pavilion, Solar Film Pavilion, Auto Perfume, Seat Cover and Wheel Cover Pavilion, Seat Cover Pavilion.

In June, Regina, Saskatchewan will host the Western Canada Farm Progress Show, the largest farming and agricultural trade show in Canada and one of the biggest in North America. The WCFPS, to held June 18-20, attracts roughly 50,000 speculators of more than 700 exhibits over nearly 1.8 million square feet and features the most recent developments in tractors, livestock handling equipment and other tools, along with presentations about the business of agriculture and effective, efficient practices.

For the food and beverage industry, Alimentaria Barcelona to be hosted in Spain March 31 – April 3 is one of the most-notable events in the field. Hosting more than 140,000 attendees and exhibits numbering 3,851, the event is actually 14 tradeshows in one and features the newest and most unique products and schemes in food and drink manufacturing, distribution, import and export companies of food, soft drinks, beer, wine and liquor, and anything else imaginable in the F&B industry.

Endless, Global Opportunity

It is up to exhibitors to find the most relevant trade shows for their products. Finding large and/or unique events may not be the criteria for choosing them. With thousands of annual expos held around the world, there surely are endless opportunities to display or discover new products, across virtually any industry in existence.

Experts in the trade show industry, Northwest Creative Imaging can help you boost your visibility by offering the best advice and exhibition products to make sure you get the most out of your trade show experiences whether you are a prospective client or seller.

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Building the Ultimate Trade Show Booth

When one needs to introduce a new product to the public or a target market, one of the best ways to do so is by displaying and demonstrating it at a trade show. It gives perspective customers a chance to look at the product up close and perhaps understand the concepts behind it. But to have a successful product showing, having a new or innovative variation on an old product is simply not enough; one must also have effective trade show displays and the right supplies to create them.

Design for Success

For those who are new to the trade show events, some presenters tend to clutter booths with as much information or as many selling points as possible but this is often one of the biggest mistakes in trade fair display design. Experts say this just isn’t the way to go — less is more.

tools for a trade show boothJust like any type of marketing endeavor, trade shows are competitive and it can be difficult to attract clients’ and customers’ attention when it takes too long for them to figure the point of the display. In fact, 3 seconds may be all the time one has to draw the attention of a passerby.

Trade show veterans recommend new trade show displayers rent the smallest booth space possible for their first trade shows, see what works and what doesn’t and learn and develop effective practices as they proceed to more shows. This allows the opportunity for the displayer to learn from others’ successes and failures and add and subtract features accordingly. Simplicity not only will keep a customer’s attention span, it will save the displayer money, as well.

Another aspect design of intelligent booth design is openness. Misconceived designs often include a table between the display and the representative and customers. This does nothing but separate potential clients from the presenter and the materials concerning the products.

Effective designs should invite customers into the display and bring them closer to the product and presentation, so at that moment, they are only in the “world” of that displayer’s products and selling points. Adding hands-on elements that customers can see, hear, touch and/or taste will also enhance the experience and help leave a lasting impression. Make it as concise as possible but also comfortable so no one feels closed in or trapped.

Another important aspect to effective design of a trade show booth is effective graphics. Large, uniquely styled graphical displays are very beneficial because they will help a booth stand out from its competitors. The most effective graphics will contain the following elements: the most important and attractive aspects of the company or product, five or less selling points and an avoidance of clichéd phrases.

Northwest Creative Imaging has all the tools to create the perfect trade show display booths, including portable trade show displays with all the proper elements for success at the best prices. Contact NWCI today to help get your product to your customers, ensuring you get the most out every show.

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Creating Loyal Customers through Trade Shows

Trade shows can be a great way to get new clients and potential loyal customers. In our article “Making a Lasting Impression” we cover many of the basic practices to find and retain a loyal client base. The ever changing modern world makes in harder than ever to maintain loyal clients. Online shopping and internet marketing make it possible for competitors around the world to advertise to your current clients. Some might wonder how it’s possible to maintain a client with all of this competition. Surprisingly enough the answer to this complex problem is a simple one; treat clients with respect and don’t overcharge. Face to face interaction through trade shows is one of the best ways to make a good first impression. This blog will cover four main points on how to create loyal customers through the trade show experience.

1 – Offer Services your Clients Desire

2 – Make Promises and Follow Through

3 – Offer Incentives for Customers who Come to Shows

4 – Stay Relevant with New Products and Social Networking

Offer Services your Clients Desire

Offering additional services for clients can be a great way to set your company apart from competitors, thus creating a loyal customer. At a trade shows it’s great to market any additional services and talk to clients face to face. This gives your company an advantage over competitors who only market online or with cold calling. Expanding services can also open up new revenue streams from loyal clients who would normally be sending the business elsewhere. Offering extra services does not mean change the focus of the company’s product, rather only offering them as a supporting service for the product. For example if your company sells computers and cell phones, it would be a good idea to train staff to maintain and repair these items on site. This doesn’t mean changing the focus from selling to repairing, but offering the service to a client who buys from you. This can help to generate new revenue and also keep loyal clients because they know they can come to you for multiple reasons including product support.

Make Promises and Follow Through

Face to face interaction at a trade show offers the opportunity to meet clients and tell them exactly what your company can offer. Many companies offer show specials for new clients or incentives for ordering right after the show. The show can be a great opportunity to sell a product or service and really stress how much you want the attendees business. The most important part of this strategy is following through with promises. Making promises and falling flat on them can be the fastest way to lose a client. If you promise the world at a trade show and don’t deliver it will create a bad name for the company. It’s important to sell yourself, but not oversell so you can deliver on promises.

Offer Incentives for Customers who Come to Shows

Another great way to use trade shows to keep loyal clients is using the show as an incentive. There are companies that already use this strategy by offering show only discounts or free items for coming to the show. This can be a great strategy because if you get a repeat client to the show, it can create an opportunity for another face to face interaction where the exhibitor can solidify the business relationship.

Stay Relevant with New Products and Social Networking

Brandcusi live picture

Modern Brandcusi display

Trade shows are often used to showcase new products or services offered by a company. Creating a company structure that is current and up to date with the industry can keep the customers coming back to check out the latest and greatest item. Social networking can be used to send the message about new and exciting company information. NWCI recently added the Brandcusi banner stand to our lineup for this very reason. Even a loyal client will look elsewhere if a company does not maintain the newest offering in the industry. Today’s high paced world makes this a challenge, but also an opportunity.

To wrap up this post its important to keep in mind the basics of customer service to help maintain loyal clients. Apply these principals specifically to trade shows can create an additional opportunity to find and maintain new clients. Working with a plan and customer service strategy will aid in devolving the best possible marketing plan at a trade show.

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Using Social Networking with Trade Shows

One of the hottest trends out right now is social networking with trade shows. Social media is one of the fastest ways to stay connected with the outside world but is also a useful tool for small business to grow. In NWCI’s infographic Social Networking and Your Trade Show it outlines how to use social media in marketing your company at a trade show. Social Networking is a great way to connect to potential customers, and get information out to the mainstream public.

Trends in Social Networking with Trade Shows

This social media infographic offers great information for any business

Social Media Infographic

Use the social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to send out information before the show. It is hard for people to know what is going on if they aren’t aware of it. Social Media is a great way to encourage attendees to start tweeting in advance and using Facebook as a way to promote the show. A forum to answer questions and send out incentives for the event is another way to increase traffic. Contests using social media are a great way to get information spread quickly by having a vast amount of people seeing what your event is about. The days of forgetting business cards or contact information is behind you because of social networking. With sites like  Linkedin and Facebook, company information is easy to share with a vast audience in a short amount of time. Using social networking allows a company to share information and bring the audience into the show allowing a company to have face-to-face interaction. Who knew that social media would be such a great marketing tool.

By engaging the audience on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn it gets the audience talking about your company and allows you to respond to questions and promote your company at the same time. Social networking is a great investment for such a big return but is also an effective marketing asset that doesn’t take a lot of time but can have a big impact. Most people now a day’s use social networking sites to gain information on upcoming events and stay connected to the world around them. As an essential resource for companies wanting to expand their business and social media is increasing the amount of visitors every year. Most people check their facebook or twitter several times a day. Marketing news or new products via social media is a great way to spread the news quickly. Using this approach will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and stay up to date with all the ever changing trends. There are so many ways to use social networking to your advantage and help keep your company in front of the pack. In our infographic we show all the different social networks that can be used while at the trade show and ways to follow up after the trade show event wraps up. The number one rule to remember after a trade show is to stay connected and follow up with leads.

Staying connected and providing updates allows the audience to keep up with your latest products and share them for you. Without knowing it, people are being used as marketing tools to help promote new products just by sharing them with their friends who turn around and share it with their friends. Why not take advantage of this and promote any way you can. Social networking is a growing trend which will only increase. Engaging in discussion boards on LinkedIn or Facebook is a great way to gain knowledge and ask questions. There are so many resources out there that people can help you find that you may not have been aware of. Not only is social media a great way to promote your products and company but is also a great way to get connected with others in your industry and answer questions you may not even know you had! Having connections can not only help your company grow but it can lead to professional partnerships.

One thing to remember is to stay connected! Use social media to your advantage by keeping the audience up to date on upcoming events or product releases. For something that doesn’t take a lot of time it can have a big impact on your company. Use every resource you can to help your company grow!

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Trade Show Trends of 2011

Here are a few trade show trends that have proven to be noteworthy so far in 2011.

Hard to believe we are already halfway through 2011!  Looking back on the first few months of the year, the predictions many experts made about the most important trends we’d see at the trade shows seem to be coming true.  Here are a few things that have proven to be noteworthy so far this year.

Market Growth

Many of us are still feeling the pinch from the recent recession, but the economy does show signs of improving, which means that businesses are starting to loosen up on their travel budgets once again.  As a result, after a couple of slow years, trade shows are showing a bit of a turnaround.  Remember, businesses benefit from sending their employees to trade shows, keeping them up to date on their industry.  As the economy improves, therefore, trade shows are becoming popular business trip destinations once again.

Outdoor flag banners

Regional Focus

While trade show attendance is growing once again, the price of gas is driving the cost of travel up, so many businesses are focusing on more local trade shows and events.  As a result, attendance of trade shows is becoming much more localized than it used to be, which changes the focus somewhat.  Trade show exhibitors are taking advantage of this more local audience by utilizing regional identity in their marketing message.  People tend to associate strongly with their regional identity, and as a result marketing results.

Social Media Marketing

Another trend that trade shows are demonstrating is the switch to social media and related forms of marketing.  Although social media marketing used to be a little bit scary for many companies and entrepreneurs, the idea has now taken root.  For instance, just like many exhibitors used to have a sign-up sheet where you could enter your email address to receive electronic newsletters — quite the revolutionary idea there, for a while — now exhibitors promote their Twitter and Facebook pages, where attendees can sign up to get regular updates about company offers, industry news, and upcoming events.

Going Green

Environmentally friendly practices are becoming an expectation and an industry standard, not just a nice added touch at a trade show.  Going green at trade shows demonstrates that you are an environmentally responsible company.  For instance, if you hand out coffee or snacks, look for cups, plates, and plastic wear that are recycled or biodegradable.  You can also print signs, business cards, brochures, and other handouts on recycled materials.  Better yet, instead of handing out lots of paper, give attendees business cards with a website URL where they can go for info sheets or free downloadable booklets.  A promise of a free offering will make it more likely that they’ll go to the website later on!  Think about green initiatives when you purchase anything, even pop up displays for trade shows.

This year has been an exciting time for trade shows.  As the economy recovers and people begin to travel for business a little more, more people are attending trade shows than the past couple of years, and we are seeing some exciting trends take root.  While regional identities and social media change the face of marketing as we know it, the green movement is also encouraging greater corporate responsibility.  These exciting trends promise great things for the rest of 2011 and into 2012!


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Less is More – Creating an Award Winning Display

Large format graphics offer many advantages when marketing at conventions or events. They are so effective because they command attention due to their large size. Most large format graphics are used at trade shows because they are the best way to attract new clients and generate revenue. Since the graphics are so large it is natural to think that more information is needed to fill the space. In fact the exact opposite approach will attract the most attention at trade shows. Creating an award winning display can increase leads and traffic. Simple and well designed graphics are key in grabbing and keeping attention of potential clients that are flying through shows. If a display is direct it will attract more qualified buyers resulting in higher ROI for the trade show.

Its easy to present a philosophy that sounds logical, but until its proven its just talk. That’s why Northwest Creative Imaging captures and highlights customers that create effective designs. The customer in the picture below won best in show for the most effective booth set up at the show they attended. As you can see the design is clean and effective making it very attractive and easy to understand. The display that was used was also a lower cost display proving its not about how much money you send, but how effectively the booth is put together.

Large Format Printing

In Great Designs Less is More

Simple designs often are the most difficult to envision and execute well. Its very easy to place as many selling points as possible to fill up the area, but its very difficult to use very little information to create the same effect. Most clients are not going to be drawn to a booth that requires a long attention span to understand. If a client can identify your company, product, or service in under 3 seconds then you are more likely to attract that client.

Here are a few tips to help in designing a simple, yet effective large format graphic:

  • Identify the most important and attractive aspects of your company
  • Narrow selling points to 5 items or less
  • Refraining from phrases like “lowest price possible” or “satisfaction guaranteed” because most competitors will advertise the exact same thing
  • Create a unique catch phrase that is easy to understand, but different from the competition
  • Use photo’s and images that speak directly to your client base

These simple steps are a great start to create a trade show graphic that will attract clients and bring in revenue. Graphics that are more generic will work for more shows because they are not exclusive to certain products or services. To learn more on this topic please visit or take a look at one of our customers websites on graphic design.

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