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Using Projectors with Portable Trade Show Displays

One of the most common questions I am asked is “can I use my projectors with portable trade show displays? How will it work?”. Its actually much easier than most people think and requires nothing more than a white space. Every single material that we sell is opaque and will work great with nearly any projector. The key is to add white space to you display at the desired size of the projection. Its also critical to know the correct aspect ratio of your projector so it displays correctly. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3 or 16:9. Below is a display that is a perfect example of how to perfectly set up a display for a projector screen.

Hop Up Displays

10 Foot Hop Up Display with Projector Area

Any of our full graphic trade show displays can incorporate the same white space to support a projector and we offer many counter options that are great for supporting any projector. There are hundreds of projectors available on that are available in multiple colors, resolutions, and sizes. All that is required to project on a display is 300 lumens minimum(recommend 500-1000) and all other specs are up to the customer. There are HD models out that project in full 1080p high definition which can also double as a home theater projector.

There are many benefits to using projectors with you trade show display including:

  • Bringing media and movement to your booth
  • Standing out from other exhibitors
  • Change your graphic or message at every show
  • Can also be used as a presentation tool

Using any one of our displays with a projector will help to add functionality to lower cost displays. Its very simple and surprisingly affordable to create an interactive display system that can be used over and over again at any marketing event. If you have any questions on graphic layout or recommendations please give Northwest Creative Imaging a call to discuss your trade show display project.

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Alumalite Classic – The new look in trade shows

The Alumalite Classic was one of the first mainstream custom modular style displays introduced to the trade show market. The instant popularity made this display system a huge seller. The main reason for the popularity of the Alumalite was the new look it offered while remaining very affordable and easy to assemble. The Alumalite is only slightly harder to assemble that a typical pop up display while offering a completely new and modern look. There are so many options available that it is very easy to create a unique and intriguing booth display. The wave canopy is available in multiple colors and the frame is available in three finishes. There are also multiple graphic options available including dye sub fabric, 1200 dpi ink jet, and Lambda print. The Alumalite is capable of supporting monitors, shelves, and literature racks.

Alumalite Displays

10 Foot Alumalite AL-1

Since the Alumalite was introduced many other products have hit the market. There are many low cost options that are similar in style but do not offer as many custom options. These products are ideal for customers looking for a big look on a tight budget. There are also many variations of the Alumalite being produced that offer a slightly different look. While there are many different options available the Alumalite continues to be one of the most popular custom modular display because of the high quality materials and available options.

Custom Modular Displays

Alumalite Offers Multiple Style Options

With the available options it is very easy to create a display that will fit your companies style and stand out from other exhibitors. High quality counters are available in multiple finishes that will add functionality and appeal to your booth space. When shopping for your next display keep the Alumalite in mind as a quality alternative to traditional pop up displays!

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Benefits of Trade Show Flooring

When shopping for trade show products, flooring is often one of the most overlooked items. After the first day of the show it becomes apparent that some padded flooring would be a great addition to the booth space. Unfortunately with tight budgets and timelines it can be a hassle to find quality flooring within budget. Most exhibitors don’t realize that there are many flooring solutions available for very affordable prices. The most popular flooring option is interlocking tiles that assemble quickly and have built-in anti fatigue padding. There are even multiple colors to choose from to fit the theme of the booth. Trade show flooring is unique because it is design to be highly portable and durable. Northwest Creative Imaging only offers name brand flooring from K&S to insure maximum quality and durability. K&S is a manufacturer and does not sell to end users so Northwest Creative Imaging brings these products to any company at near manufacturer direct pricing.

Interlocking Flooring

Comfort Carpet Flooring

There are more options available including rollable bamboo, hardwood, vinyl, carpet, and printed flooring that will fit any companies needs for a trade show. These flooring options are also great for any portable event or activity that require high quality flooring that is portable. Most of the flooring options are made from recyclable materials or are recyclable which makes them an eco-friendly and sustainable option.

Flooring is often overlooked because it is a low priority for a trade show. Pre-show marketing, booking the event, and find a display are hard enough, so flooring usually gets thrown on the bottom of the list as a side note. Flooring should be thought of as part of the entire booth configuration. Low quality or mismatched flooring can make a stunning display look very unappealing, effectively reducing the impact of the display. If a display is matched with the right type of flooring it can create an inviting space that will attract customers and promote professionalism.

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Why Pop Up Displays?

Pop up displays have been the most popular trade show display for the last 30 years. As soon as the pop up display was introduced it became very popular. Since then multiple sizes, styles, configurations, and shapes have been created. There are more than 100  types of pop up displays so it can be very hard to find a quality displays from a reputable company. Northwest Creative Imaging has researched most of the most popular pop up displays for trade shows. We carry a line that offers different price points and quality levels to fit any companies needs and requirements.

Why are pop up displays so popular?

Pop up displays are so popular because of there accordion style frame that pops up from a compact shape into a full size display in about 5 seconds. This feature allows users to ship a compact package containing a display that will fit a 10 foot booth. That is why pop up displays are perfect for trade shows and traveling sales representatives. Pop up displays have a variety of materials that can be used as the backdrop. The most common option is a carpet-like fabric material that is Velcro receptive. This option is great for arranging Velcro graphics on the backdrop. The other option that is becoming increasingly popular is the full mural graphic backdrop. Full mural graphics create a custom backdrop that will make any booth space look unique.

Coyote pop up displays

20 Foot Custom Coyote

The newest addition to our line up is the Coyote pop up display. Although its new to our site, the Coyote has been around for close to 10 years and is a very well-known and popular pop up display. The frame design is very durable while remaining very lightweight and all the channels connect with a magnet to magnet connections making installation a breeze. All of our graphic kits include Lambda graphic printing for maximum clarity and durability. Orbus manufacturers the Coyote pop up display and offers a lifetime warranty on the frame. The is more information on this manufacturer on their website.

Pop up displays will continue to the be the most popular trade show display because of their price point and available options. When pop ups were introduced they were only available in a few sizes and only with carpet panels. Now there are countless options and nearly any size available. Pop ups will continue to offer more options and Northwest Creative Imaging will continue to offer the most popular displays on the market!

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Advantages of Banner Stands

Banner stands have been one of the most popular marketing displays for years. They are compact and very easy to transport making them ideal for trade shows and marketing events. Most banner stands can be taken onto airplanes which makes transportation very easy. Northwest Creative Imaging offers a huge selection of all types of banner stands including economy and premium lines.

Orient banner stands

Orient 800 Banner stand

Retractable banner stands are the most popular option of all banner stands. The banner retracts into the base making assembly fast and simple while protecting the banner during shipping. One of the most popular retractable banner stands is the Orient 800. Its affordable price point and high quality stand making this banner a great value. It also includes an anti-curl vinyl graphic that is guaranteed to lay flat. Another popular option is the Retractor 2 which is from our DFA line. It is a direct import from China which gives it a low price point but is quality control in the US to avoid any manufacturer defects. It also includes an anti-curl vinyl graphic that will lay flat even with black ink. The most popular banner stand is the Imagine banner stand because of its high quality construction and available features. The Imagine has a replaceable cassette so switching out graphics is quick and easy. There is also a telescoping pole that allows the user to adjust the height of the banner stand. The Imagine also includes a ridged shipping case to help protect it during shipping. This banner also includes an anti-curl vinyl graphic.

Hanging Banners

Circle hanging banner

All of our banner stand options are screened to insure we only offer banners that will last or that we would use ourselves. We do offer a couple economy options that are only meant for minimal use, but it is clearly stated on the website. We price all of our banner stands below competitor pricing to insure all of our customers they will get a quality product at the lowest price available. We have also added hanging banners and outdoor banner stands to our line up. These banners are not as popular as traditional banner stands because of their unique features, but they are still great options for companies that need to utilize their unique characteristics. Hanging banners consist of an aluminum frame that has a pillow case style fabric graphic that stretches over top of it. These banners are available in many shapes and sizes to fit any trade show booth. Hanging banners are ideal to gain instant recognition at any show. Outdoor banner stands are designed to work in outdoor setting and stand up to the elements. We carry options including tear drop and feather flag banners, retractable outdoor banners, and freestanding billboard banners. All of our outdoor banner stands are priced competitively and are designed to last for years of rugged outdoor use.

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