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Utilizing Tablets to Improve Your Booth

Tablets are excellent resources for exhibitors to use at trade show booths.    Apps for social networking, data collation, information gathering, and surveys help build relationships with customers and promote lead generation while also serving as a gateway for brand exposure.  Tablets help trade show exhibitors reach all of their professional goals.

Trade Shows with Tablets

Utilizing Tablets to Improve Your BoothSociety is inundated with technological advents; people check e-mails, social media, and text messages through apps on their smart phone and tablet everywhere they go. The permeation of smartphones and tablets in people’s lives has led trade show exhibitors to update their marketing approaches.

In a more customer-centric society, marketers are focusing on building long-term, meaningful relationships with customers.    Using tablets at trade shows is a non-invasive way to begin building new relationships.  In fact, exhibitors reported that their top three priorities at trade shows were:

  • Build and expand brand awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Build relationships

Strategies for Using Tablets at Trade Shows

Tablet stands and literature racks allow customers to learn about the brand on their own frestanding-ipad-standterms without feeling as though they are being intimidated by live demonstrations or overwhelming sales team.

Tablet use was rated as one of the top new trade show trends of 2013.  Tablets can be used by exhibitors and customers to gain information for relationships building and to casually get brand exposure.  Tablets can be used to effectively improve the following:

  • Coordinate with sales teams
  • Allow customers to interact with the exhibitor’s content
  • Develop a sales pitch with streaming video or photos (make sure content is downloaded on the tablet in case the Internet is not available)
  • Quickly capture content data
  • Gather customer information useful for relationship building
  • Generate a lead capture forum for prospective customers
  • Provide further information on products or services

Tablet Apps for Trade Shows

Various Trade Show App Types

The volume of trade show apps for tablets is increasing exponentially.  Trade show apps support a variety of functions including:

  • Lead generation
  • Product demonstrations
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • Reporting and measurement
  • Electronic literature
  • Remote controllers
  • Social networking

For example, the QuickTapSurvey App transforms a smart device or tablet into an instant stand-alone kiosk enabling exhibitors to collect data with our without Internet. QuickTapSurvey is easy for exhibitors to use:

  1. Surveys are created online via the QuickTapSurvey administration website.
  2. The survey is downloaded to the app and collected responses as their entered.
  3. Responses are securely viewed online.  Data can be exported and trends can be analyzed in real time.

The MokiTouch2 is a remotely manageable kiosk app that allows exhibitors to display web-based video or image content to facilitate customer engagement. The app can also store valuable information and statistics while conducting surveys.

The CamCard app reads business cards and instantly saves the information to the phone contacts.  It guarantees an exhibitor will not lose an important client’s contact information ever again.

Another handy trade show app for tablets is the Video Looper, which is a screensaver-type app that shows video on a continuous loop—perfect for catching customer’s attention.

The functions and features tablets offer exhibitors are innumerable.  They facilitate exhibitors meaningfully meeting and engaging with new customers, promote lead generation, and aid brand recognition.  They are useful for saving exhibitors time and money in their ability to instantly collect data, process sales, and analyze information.

Northwest Creative Imaging prioritizes excellent customer service, honesty, and transparency in customer interactions.  Among the services and products offered, Northwest Creative Imaging has the resources to help customers productively use tablet computers in reaching prospective customers and in improving their booths at trade shows.

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The Classic Pop Up is one of the greatest values on the market today. With the increasing push toward overseas displays, the Classic pop up is a high quality, US made product that can challenge the price of imports without sacrificing quality.  It is US made, low cost, and comes with several options to add on to your display. There are various sizes to choose from ranging from tabletop kits to 20 foot kits and each size comes with multiple style options. The Classic Trade Show Pop Up Displays are a great option when sticking to a budget. They are made by Abex in California, who make it possible to have a quality US made product for the same price as the imports!

The most popular pop up kit is the 10 foot display that has 4 different options to choose from depending on what type of display system the event calls for. The Classic Pop Up kit 1 is a simple choice because it allows the display to have a clean look with Velcro receptive panels. That allows any company to make the display their own and makes it easy to change the graphics in and out. It can be shipped same day on black, imperial, and silver colors. The heavy duty frame design and high quality fabric make the Classic Pop Up a superior alternative to the imports. The fabric paneling material is made with several style fabrics such as the Frontrunner which is a more textured fabric and the Prelude has more of a clean feel and look to it. They both are Velcro Receptive and Flame Retardant. The assembly only takes a few minutes and no tools are needed for set up. Some of the additional options that can be added to this display is a graphic case wrap for the case to counter conversion kit, a monitor mount kit, or even upgraded lighting options (Las Vegas or LED Lights)! Abex offers a lifetime warranty on their hardware and a one year warranty on their graphics!

10 foot classic pop up with graphic panels

1200 DPI graphics on a ABEX PL Classic pop up

The Pop Up Kit 10-4 is a great choice when the event calls for a display that needs to standout and draw attention.  This kit comes with 1200 dpi UV graphics with lamination, and we also offer an upgrade to 1200dpi ink jet photo paper with hot lamination. Laminated graphics are created using a thermal laminating technology that adds a clean finish to the graphic and protects against sunlight, moisture, and fingerprints. The print quality is amazing and this kit comes with 6 graphic panels!  The frame is a heavy duty design made from aircraft grade aluminum that locks quickly together and has a set up time of ONLY 10 minutes. The hard shipping case converts to a counter and a graphic case wrap is also available to turn the counter into an advertisement podium.

frame and channel bars on a classic PL pop up display

High quality frame construction and hinged channel bars

Smaller options are available such as the table top kit. At some trade shows or even presentations the space provided will not allow for a full display, so a table top display is a great choice. They offer all the same benefits as the 8 and 10 foot versions including high quality graphic panels and a heavy duty frame. The table top kits also offer the choice between Velcro receptive fabric and full color quality graphic.

Why settle for inferior import displays when a US made product is better in quality and has an even better price. Check out our selection of trade show flooring with the anti-fatigue feature so your exhibitors can be more comfortable in their booths making the show or exhibition more enjoyable. Our flooring is very portable and comes in many different options. The combination of the Classic pop up with our flooring and other accessories will be sure to provide years of trade show exhibiting use to assist in making every show a success!

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Affordable Shipping Cases to Protect Your Products!

Northwest Creative Imaging offers a full line of hard molded shipping cases that work great for trade show booths, but can also work for many other products. The advantage to a shipping case is that it will help protect any item being shipped UPS, Fed Ex, Freight, or on an airplane. All of our shipping cases are in stock and available to ship the same day an order is placed. Almost all of the cases we offer include heavy duty latches, built in wheels, and an additional nylon strap to secure the lid in the event of a damaged latch.

The OCS shipping case is one of the most popular cases we offer due to the low price point and practical design. With inside dimensions of 39.5″x13.5″x13.5″ it works great for banner stands, table top displays, large graphic panels, and accessories. There are built in wheels and a handle making it very easy to wheel into a convention center, and the size is small enough that most airlines will take is as checked luggage!

Versatile shipping case for many trade show products

OCS Case

We recommend this case to go with our banner stand walls, 22 mil PVC truss panels, 6 foot table top displays, and all types of large format graphics.





The OCB banner stand case is a new addition to our line up and is one of the most versatile banner stand cases available. The height is adjustable for the case so it works great for large banners and can be sized down to reduce shipping cost for smaller banners. The OCB case is in stock and can ship out the same day an order is placed.

The OCB offer safe transportation for any banner stand.

OCB Case








Out of all the cases we offer, the OCP works for the widest range of products. This is the standard case used for many of our 10 foot pop up displays. The OCP case is capable of converting to a podium which solves two major problems at a trade show: storing the shipping case and purchasing and shipping an additional counter! The OCP will allow any exhibitor to safely transport items to and from shows.

OCP pop up display shipping case

OCP Shipping Case

We offer a low cost fabric case to counter conversion kit that is available in multiple colors. We also offer a graphic roll wrap that is printed on 22 mil PVC with full color digital printing. There are more case to counter conversion options including a graphic stretch wrap and Lambda case wrap for more flexibility.



Most of the shipping cases we offer are Made in the USA and come with a 1 year warranty against defects. We are always adding new quality shipping cases to our website so be sure to check in regularly to see our always expanding line of trade show accessories!

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Premium Banner Stands on Sale!

Starting today Northwest Creative Imaging is offering our lowest price ever on the Imagine, Advance, Barracuda, and Excalibur banner stands. All of these premium banner stands carry lifetime warranties and include anti-curl vinyl graphics. The sale will only last while stock is high so take advantage of this sale as quickly as possible!

BarracudaThe Barracuda banner stand is known for its high quality construction and reliable operation. There is a telescoping pole included making it easy to adjust the height of the graphic. The reinforced carrying bag that’s included will protect the banner more than a standard nylon carrying bag. Barracuda banner stands can be produced in 3 business days and can ship from either Chicago or Las Vegas. The Excalibur banner stand is the double sided version of the Barracuda. The quality of the stand is exactly the same and it also includes a lifetime warranty. The Barracuda and Excalibur are great options for any company that needs a banner stand that looks great, but will also last for years of heavy duty use. We also offer additional options for the Barracuda including lighting, hard shipping cases, and fabric graphics!

ImagineThe Imagine banner stand offers many of the same features as the Barracuda, but with one major difference, an interchangeable graphic cartridge. The Imagine is designed to quickly and easily remove the retractable cassette holding the graphic allowing it to be swapped with another in a matter of minutes. This feature is ideal for any company that does multiple conferences in a short period of time. The interchangable cartridge makes graphic replacement faster and easier than ever before. The Advance banner stand is the double sided version of the Imagine. It has two interchangable graphic cassettes making it even more versatile than the Imagine. There is a lifetime warranty on the Imagine and Advance banner stands and all vinyl graphics are printed on a no-curl substrate.

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Orient Banner Stand now with a Lifetime Warranty!

One of our most popular banner stand lines, the Orient, now comes with a lifetime warranty on the hardware! The Orient offers many great features including multiple sizes and material options, anti-curl vinyl, double sided graphics, and black or silver hardware finish. The reliability of the Orient banner stand is unmatched by any other banner in its class making it ideal for clients requiring a banner that will hold up for years of heavy use. The reliability of the Orient is due to great engineering and quality control, and the high quality graphics will last just as long as the hardware!

Orient Banner Stands

Durability, reliability, and price point make the Orient a popular choice!

The Orient hardware that is constructed from high quality aluminum is available in a silver or black finish. It uses a premium spring mechanism that contributes to its reliability. The footprint of the banner is about 8″ wide making it very stable without using a twist out leg. While the Orient is a high quality, durable stand its still very lightweight and easy to transport. A carrying bag is included with every banner to make transportation simple. Graphics can be changed at any time to refresh the look and style of your booth space!

Orient with graphics

Anti-curl vinyl makes the Orient a great value

Out standard low priced vinyl option is premium Flatmaxx anti-curl vinyl. This material is guaranteed to lay flat without curling on the ends like many other vinyl materials. We include this material with our discounted pricing to insure every banner will last for years. The combination of a lifetime warranty on hardware and a vinyl graphic that is guaranteed not to curl makes the Orient a very smart choice for anyone looking for a reliable banner with a warranty to back it up!

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New Waveline 20 foot display – best value for any 20 foot booth!

The Waveline 20 foot display is becoming one of the most popular display systems for 20 foot booth spaces. The simple design allows for parts and printing to be manufactured at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. The clean design along with the low price point makes this display system ideal for any exhibitor on a budget. The frame is very lightweight making it ideal for travel, but strong enough to hold up for years of use. A soft carrying bag is included making it easy to carry the display from show to show. The Waveline display has been around for over three years and has a great track record of durability and low warranty claims.

live picture of 20 foot waveline display

Waveline 20 foot straight display

We provide graphic templates for every display system so its very easy to sent up print ready artwork. The graphic is printed on a polyester based fabric that is wrinkle resistant and washable. The full dye sublimation printing process is done at 720 dpi on a CMYK full color printer. There is a heavy duty zipper sewn into the fabric in order to make installation very easy. Professional finish insure every graphic fits perfectly every time!

The Waveline can be paired with any of our trade show flooring options or portable counters. Replacement graphics can be printed at any time to add a fresh look to your display booth. We also offer graphic design services to assist companies without designers. We offer a standard 5 day turnaround to produce a Waveline so its easy to get a quality exhibit in a short period of time. Northwest Creative Imaging does charge extra set up fees or hidden costs so the price you see on the web site is what you pay for the product. The only extra cost is shipping. Stay tuned to the blog for special offers and new product news!

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Geometrix Displays – Unique Look, Low Price Point

The Geometrix is a 3-D style pop up display that is affordable and has a very unique look. Multiple fabric panels are used to create a multilayer display system that is completely different than a standard pop up. We offer Geometrix displays in multiple sizes and configurations to fit any booth size or table top.

Many customers are initially skeptical of the Geometrix quality because of its affordable price point. This is because a similar product called the Xpressions is about 2.5 times the cost, so its logical to assume that something much less expensive will also be much lower in quality. This is actually very far from the truth, because the Geomtrix is a very high quality display that is durable and uses quality parts and graphics. Most of the additional cost for the Xpressions come from the patent and exclusive brand name. The Xpressions brand does offer more size and layout options, including the options between a black or silver frame, but if you have a tight budget and still want to stand out the Geometrix is a great option. As seen in the photo below the Geometrix looks great in person and at trade shows. There are so many options available its easy to make the Geometrix unique and effective.

Geometrix Displays

Fully Finished Geometrix Display

With the available options and low price point, the Geometrix continues to be one of the most popular and best values from Northwest Creative Imaging. We offer free e proofs and graphic support for all orders so you are never left wondering how the display will turn out. All of our products are backed by manufacturer warranties and are designed to hold up for years of trade show use. Individual graphic panels can be purchased at any time to change the look of the display from show to show with minimal costs!

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Keep it in the States!

Now more than ever companies are trying to keep as much money in the United Sates as possible in order to support US workers and companies. At Northwest Creative Imaging we strive toward the same goal. We have started offering many US made display options for exhibitors in one section of our site. This makes it very easy to shoppers to find all their options if they want to buy a US made display.

Some of the most popular US made trade show displays are the Orbital truss display systems.

US Made Truss Displays

US made truss system display

These truss systems are very easy to assemble and are ideal for companies that need a booth with a flexible design. Every truss kit consists of multiple universal parts that are used throughout every kit so its very easy to reconfigure and reshape your truss from show to show. Its very easy to expand a truss system because all that is required is a few additional parts. There is no need to buy a whole new system or start from scratch, its very easy to use your existing display to develop nearly any design.

We also carry a full line of 100% US made banner stands called the Contender. Unlike most banners, the Contender is completely made in the US and all graphic printing is done in the US. The Contender is a great value because the price point is the same as most imported banner stands. There are multiple widths available making it very easy to find a banner that will work for your specific application.

As our site keeps expanding, so will our selection of US made display systems. Stay tuned to our blog and our website to get the most current news and updates on products in the trade show industry! Remember to keep it in the states!

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Using Projectors with Portable Trade Show Displays

One of the most common questions I am asked is “can I use my projectors with portable trade show displays? How will it work?”. Its actually much easier than most people think and requires nothing more than a white space. Every single material that we sell is opaque and will work great with nearly any projector. The key is to add white space to you display at the desired size of the projection. Its also critical to know the correct aspect ratio of your projector so it displays correctly. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3 or 16:9. Below is a display that is a perfect example of how to perfectly set up a display for a projector screen.

Hop Up Displays

10 Foot Hop Up Display with Projector Area

Any of our full graphic trade show displays can incorporate the same white space to support a projector and we offer many counter options that are great for supporting any projector. There are hundreds of projectors available on that are available in multiple colors, resolutions, and sizes. All that is required to project on a display is 300 lumens minimum(recommend 500-1000) and all other specs are up to the customer. There are HD models out that project in full 1080p high definition which can also double as a home theater projector.

There are many benefits to using projectors with you trade show display including:

  • Bringing media and movement to your booth
  • Standing out from other exhibitors
  • Change your graphic or message at every show
  • Can also be used as a presentation tool

Using any one of our displays with a projector will help to add functionality to lower cost displays. Its very simple and surprisingly affordable to create an interactive display system that can be used over and over again at any marketing event. If you have any questions on graphic layout or recommendations please give Northwest Creative Imaging a call to discuss your trade show display project.

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Alumalite Classic – The new look in trade shows

The Alumalite Classic was one of the first mainstream custom modular style displays introduced to the trade show market. The instant popularity made this display system a huge seller. The main reason for the popularity of the Alumalite was the new look it offered while remaining very affordable and easy to assemble. The Alumalite is only slightly harder to assemble that a typical pop up display while offering a completely new and modern look. There are so many options available that it is very easy to create a unique and intriguing booth display. The wave canopy is available in multiple colors and the frame is available in three finishes. There are also multiple graphic options available including dye sub fabric, 1200 dpi ink jet, and Lambda print. The Alumalite is capable of supporting monitors, shelves, and literature racks.

Alumalite Displays

10 Foot Alumalite AL-1

Since the Alumalite was introduced many other products have hit the market. There are many low cost options that are similar in style but do not offer as many custom options. These products are ideal for customers looking for a big look on a tight budget. There are also many variations of the Alumalite being produced that offer a slightly different look. While there are many different options available the Alumalite continues to be one of the most popular custom modular display because of the high quality materials and available options.

Custom Modular Displays

Alumalite Offers Multiple Style Options

With the available options it is very easy to create a display that will fit your companies style and stand out from other exhibitors. High quality counters are available in multiple finishes that will add functionality and appeal to your booth space. When shopping for your next display keep the Alumalite in mind as a quality alternative to traditional pop up displays!

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