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Standroid monitor displays

One of the newer additions to our product line is the Standroid monitor display. These display systems are unique because it is a great way to mount flat screen monitors. The Standroid comes with a built in monitor stand which can either be built into the display or stand alone. This display is very affordable and is a quality product that is sure to stand out at any show. The Standroid can support large monitors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. They only have a 5 day turnaround and are really easy to ship from one location to another. This system is engineered specifically to be very portable and easy to assemble and take down. The Standroid is built to work show after show! Its packaged in a complete kit a very affordable price, and we offer replacement graphics so its easy to rebrand the booth without buying an entire new system. Replacement graphics are a great way to create a new design, look, and feel year after year.

standroid monitor display with header graphic

Strandroid complete kit with graphics

The Standroid 10 ft Complete System and Standroid Waveline System comes with the whole display including graphics and monitor mounts. With only 7 business days from when it is made to when it reaches your doorstep this display can be ready for any upcoming show. The Standroid 10 foot Complete System includes the frame, dye sub graphic, hover header with graphic, monitor mount, hard shipping case and black case wrap. If you want your booth to have an interactive component to it just add a touch screen monitor and your booth can be transformed into a hands on display! The graphics come with a great warranty of 6 months against printing defects and a limited lifetime warranty for the hardware! The frame  is made with aluminum and can hold up to a 46” monitor/TV.

Interactive media displays are the new trend in exhibiting. A touch screen monitor can add features to a booth that will intrigue and engage exhibitors. Using media programs, slideshows, live product searches, and live assistance can create a new experience for potential customers. Standing out a trade show can mean the difference between a successful show or a wasted opportunity.

The Standroid standalone monitor mount is a great alternative to a full graphic display. This package works great if a full size display is not practical for the show or location. This is a great way to have an interactive kiosk that is both durable and a cost effective way to display when used in a store front application. This monitor mount comes with the hover frame, black wrap for hover header, monitor mount and black wrap for monitor stand. The Standroid Monitor Mount stand only ships within 1 business day and with graphics ships within 5 business days.

The nice thing about the Strandroid is it can turn an ordinary display into an extraordinary display by just adding a monitor. Some facts we learned from the Visual Teaching Alliance is that 65% of the population are visual learners and that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. By turning your display into a visual or interactive display it will draw people in and grab their attention. Standroid is a low cost solution for a unique display when utilizing it to showcase a product using a visual aid such as a monitor. Ask us about our many options we have for portable display systems because our low costs and extensive knowledge of the trade show industry give us an edge over other vendors. We can point you in the right direction to allow you to have a display that will bring the crowds in and yet keep you within budget!

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Brandcusi Banner Stand – A Great New Addition!

Northwest Creative Imaging is now offering an ultra modern Brandcusi 3D banner stand. These are great because they are a modern take on the traditional banner stand; similar to the Waveline displays. These banner stands have a tubular, heavy duty aluminum frame that utilizes a stretch fabric graphic that looks clean, professional, is lightweight, and very portable. The Brandcusi offers a double sided graphic with every kit and turnaround time is a total of 7 business days from the day an order is placed to the day they arrive on your doorstep!

This Brandcusi banner stand with double sided graphic will stand out!

Something every exhibitor is looking for is something that is going to be practical, yet eye catching and very portable. The main features that a trade show display needs are a competitive price, lightweight structure, easy assembly, and a great appearance. The Brandcusi Banner Stands offer just this. The Brandcusi’s contemporary, fresh and clean look will bring the crowds in because your booth will stand out from all of the traditional display systems.

The Brandcusi has multiple options to choose from including multiple shapes, shelving, and lights! The standard shape options are straight, curved, angled, or mini which are packaged in a complete kit that includes the frame, dye sub graphic (double sided), and molded soft case.  The full color dye sub fabric graphic is sewn and hemmed for quality finishing and durability. Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color matching process using four inks – cyan, magenta, yellow and black, which is a color matching service offered on the Brandcusi. PMS is used so that a specific color can be matched across substrates, printers, and inks.  The Brandcusi has a strong frame design, quality graphic and only sets up in seconds. They are very affordable and hit all price points when sticking to a budget. There are many add on’s available for the Brandcusi including 2 shelves, 1 literature holder, 50W Halogen lights, and a hard shipping case. These options can turn your Brandcusi into a product display, information kiosk, or a presentation tool!

One of the nice features of the Brandcusi Mini is they are perfect for table tops, so if something small is needed to set off your display table the Brandcusi mini is a perfect solution. They are a very affordable solution that will bring a ton of attention to even the smallest booth. When adding the Brandcusi mini on top of a full dye sub table throw it will allow the exhibitor to have a standout display set up that is perfect for smaller exhibitions or shows when limited space is available. We have embedded the set up video to illustrate how simple and easy these Brandcusi displays to set up and transport from show to show.

Checkout our other great products we offer including popup displays and custom displays to accent the Brandcusi banner stand. One key advantage of Northwest Creative Imaging is that we can meet every need for an exhibitors trade show, whether it’s a custom display or even just a shipping case, there are many options available that are very economically priced. If you have questions about the items we offer or don’t see what you really need give us a call because more than likely we can find it for you! It seems like there are a million different options for trade shows, but we can help to match any company with a portable display that is not only under budget, but durable and eye catching!  We stand 100% behind our quality made products and quality graphics with warranties backed up by our company! Northwest Creative Imaging, LLC is and continues to be a family owned and operated small business that truly cares about every one of our clients long term success at marketing events and trade shows!

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New Hop Up Display Options!

Northwest Creative Imaging has just added some new options for the Hop Up Displays to our website. We continually look for creative and unique styles to add to our lineup, and our oversized and backlit Hop Up’s do just that. Some of the key features the new Hop Ups offer are back lighting kits, sizes up to 40 feet, and unique sizes like 12.5’x7.5’ and 2.5’x2.5’. The Hop Up display is easy to set up because they pop out just like an accordion and lock together very easily. With our competitive price structure, the Hop Up is available for the same price as many other inferior display systems. They are a very clean, lightweight solution to a traditional display because of their unique qualities and exhibitor friendly set up. The premium Hop Up display is rated as one of the highest quality products in the pop up display category because of its durability and very low warranty claim rate.

The Hop Up display offers a seamless fabric graphic that is printed in the US and can be produced incredibly quickly. The 8 oz. Power Stretch graphic is produced by a G7 certified print shop and includes free pantone color matching. These displays come in a complete kit which offers the frame, graphic, shipping case, and lights. The main feature of the Hop Up is its durable frame and stretch fabric graphic that is compact and easy to assemble. Assembly is as simple as expanding the frame, locking the connectors in place, and attaching the end caps. In total it takes about 5 minutes to fully assemble a 10 foot display system. There is even an option between a curved or straight frame, for the same price and turnaround time. The set up video below shows exactly how fast and easy it is to assemble a Hop Up display.

Hop Up displays are manufactured by Orbus Company in Bolingbrook, IL and Las Vegas, NV. They are made with a thick, high quality aluminum framework. The Hop Up already comes with the graphic attached which makes it very easy to assemble right out of the box. If you need something that is easy to assemble and consumer friendly, this product is a great choice. Our unique size options make it possible to find a display that will work for any event. We can also make custom sizes upon request! The backlit Hop Up also gives the option of turning your booth into a light box that will draw in any audience. The great thing about backlit displays is they can be used as a standard display system, or backlit!

The Hop Up allows for a seamless look that is sure to make your display pop out and draw attention. Fabric graphics are ideal for creating modern, sleek booths that stand out from standard banners stands or panel pop up displays. The seamless look is ideal for large 20 foot displays or our 30-40 foot oversized options! To make it even better, the Hop Up is priced very competitively making it an incredible value.

easy to set up 20 foot hop up

Seamless 20 foot Hop Up display

If you are looking for a seamless, durable display that is easy to assemble and quality made then the Hop Up display is what you are looking for. Take a look at all of the options available on our website and give us a call if you have any questions about this product. Northwest Creative Imaging highly recommends this product manufactured by Orbus as being a quality made product that will impress our clients.  We hope you “Hop Up” and check this product out!

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Silver Step banner stands – versatile, affordable, durable

The Silver Step banner stand is one of the newest to our line up. The Silver Step has been around for years and is one of the most popular banners available. Its so popular because its a quality product that looks great and is available in multiple sizes. Graphics can easily be removed making it ideal for companies that need to change their message from event to event. The Silver Step has a lifetime warranty and a price point below comparable products. All graphics are printed on a curl resistant 16 oz block out vinyl.

Silver Step hardware in silver

The Silver Step has a stylish design and quality silver(or black) finish

The picture above showcases the style of Silver Step banner stands. The powder coated finish is durable and available in silver or black. Black stands are only available in the 24″ or 36″ wide models. Chrome end caps are included to protect internal components and add style to the stand. Hardware carries a lifetime warranty so if a defect ever occurs its covered by the manufacturer.

Velcro top rail

The graphic attaches with Velcro making it very easy to change

The best feature of the Silver Step is the Velcro top and bottom Velcro attachments making it very easy to change the graphic. This is a much better system than other banners that require double sided tape and/or tricky rails to replace graphics. The graphic height is adjustable between 69″ and 92″ making it very easy to take the Silver Step to different events.

Silver Step carrying bag

Ridged shipping case is included to protect the Silver Step in transit

The Silver Step comes with a very high quality carrying bag that is reinforced for superior strength and durability. Most banner stands come with a flimsy bag that does not protect the banner during shipping but the Silver Step includes a very good quality case that adds even more value to the banner. All our Silver Steps are produced within 3 business days so its very easy to get one made on a tight time line.

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Graphic displays that make an impact on your audience, not your wallet!

Recently Northwest Creative Imaging added a new addition to our portable line of displays. The 20 foot Waveline is already a huge success because of its affordable price point and quality graphic printing. This display will truly make an impact at any trade show or convention with a price point of under $1,300, including graphics! The Waveline will give your company a BIG look without stretching the entire trade show budget. Graphic displays continue to be the most popular choice for trade shows because they bring a modern, professional look to a booth space which increases leads and traffic!

Waveline Display

Large 20 foot graphic will make any company stand out!

It does not take a large budget to create a booth space that looks professional and inviting. The key is to design an effective graphic that will speak to your audience. Northwest Creative Imaging specializes in effective graphic designs that will attract your client base and help generate leads. It takes the right kind of mind set to match creativity with business to create graphics that will look great and actually work at an event. Using graphic displays with an effective design is the best combination for any promotional event.

With the right design and a great looking display system it will be very easy to significantly increase revenue from every show. The goal of any display purchase is to turn the expense into a money maker. The Waveline display offers just that and is now available in curved, straight, and serpentine models. Not only is it a great looking system, but the price point makes it an incredible value. We strive to find the best values for our clients to help generate the largest return on investment possible. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest news on new products and details on exhibiting!

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Classic Pop Ups – Quality displays at affordable prices

Like most things in life, in the trade show industry you typically get what you pay for. There are exceptions to the rule but generally a product that is more expensive is usually because it is more durable or has more features, but in every industry there are very good deals to be found that match quality with low price points. Northwest Creative Imaging focuses specifically on finding the best values in the industry so every one of our customers knows they are getting a great deal on a quality product.

We have recently added a new line of pop up displays that are manufactured in the US. In the past the price point has been a little on the high side in comparison to the quality, but recently the manufacturer has lowered prices to compete with lower quality imports. This means customers can now get a quality US made product with a lifetime warranty for the same price as an imported display. Like most of the products on our site, the Classic Pop Up is one of the best values in the industry.

high quality pop up displays

10 foot Classic Pop Up with 1200 DPI Graphics

One of the best features of the Classic pop up is the 1200 dpi photo mural graphics that are included in every graphic kit. These graphics are some of the best in the industry and are only a small step below Lambda printing. There is also an option to upgrade to laminated graphics to add durability to the prints. There are also options for monitor mounts, shelves, and LED lighting!

The Classic pop up is manufactured by ABEX in California. ABEX is a quality manufacturing plant that specializes in portable and custom display systems. They have been around for over 20 years and are committed to offering quality US made products at competitive prices. You can find many of their products and more great values on trade show displays at or by staying tuned to our twitter and Facebook pages. With the new pricing on the Classic pop up no exhibitor will ever have to purchase a low quality product because of a tight budget!

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Linear Displays – Endless Possibilities

Northwest Creative Imaging has recently added the entire line of Linear displays to our website. Linear hybrid displays offer endless design possibilities because each display is custom built. The best feature of the Linear line is the very affordable price point. There are three product lines available in “off the shelf” kits that can be produced in four business days. The Linear Classic, Linear PRO, and Linear BOLD are available in multiple configurations and sizes to accommodate nearly every trade show requirement. Monitor mounts, stand off tables, printed headers, and lambda graphics are just some of the available options available to create an attractive and functional display system.

Linear Displays

Linear PRO 10 Foot Display Package

Every Linear display kit includes a shipping case, lights, and stand off counters(if shown) in the hardware pricing. The above Linear kit includes an arch style canopy, tapered end caps, and two V tables creating an attractive style and useful features. Linear systems are very easy to customize without adding additional costs so the above kit 22 can use the canopy or wing styles from any other Linear PRO kit without additional cost or lead time.

Linear Bold

Custom Linear BOLD 10 Foot Kit

Linear Bold kits offer the appearance of a custom display system without the added cost or lead time. These can also be customized beyond the standard kits to create an even more unique system. Multiple shelves, counters, and monitor mounts can be incorporated throughout to create a display that will work for any company.

Linear displays have and continue to be one of the most popular and versatile display systems around. Northwest Creative Imaging offers every standard Linear kit available at the lowest prices in the industry. Stay tuned to our blog, facebook, and twitter pages to stay up to date on company info and new additions to our product line!

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New Truss Systems!

The Orbital line of truss displays continues to be one of the most popular lines of portable truss systems. Recently the manufacturer of Orbital truss, Orbus, expanded their line to include two new designs. These new products are known as the Hercules and Atlantis. The Hercules unitizes stabilizer feet to support the truss system. On older Orbital truss displays the truss was stabilized by large extrusions or legs. With the new engineering of the Hercules many parts can be eliminated resulting in faster assembly times and lower costs. The look of the Hercules is less bulky and creates a much cleaner appearance in the booth.

Truss Systems

New Hercules 10 Foot Truss

The Atlantis truss display offers a vertical curve design that is different from any other Orbital truss display. Many sizes and options are available to create a very unique looking booth. Like other Orbital truss systems, the Atlantis is easy to assemble and ships in a heavy duty freight case. The Atlantis is only available in dye sub fabric graphics because of the unique shape of the display.

20 foot truss displays

New 20 Foot Atlantis

These new additions to the Orbital truss line up increase the custom design capabilities for any truss display. The high quality construction of the truss components will insure a lifetime of use and the versatility of the Orbital truss makes it easy to expand or contract the display for any show. We offer custom size configurations and free 3D renderings for custom designs. We can create a design to fit nearly any booth space or configuration. The Orbital line of truss displays will continue to provide highest level of quality and durability that will last for a lifetime and work in any both space! You can find more information and details on Orbital truss systems through our detailed product review or on the TSNN news site.

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