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6 Giveaways That Will Get Your Booth Noticed

It is common knowledge that we all go to trade shows to promote our companies, our products or services and our brands. The tough part is creating a booth that will help your brand stand out from the crowd in a memorable way.

trade show booth giveaways get you noticedThere are several ways to become more noticeable, although finding one that fits your
brand is not always easy. One of the best methods for getting your booth noticed is having a giveaway that people really want. Traditionally, trade show booths have the same old swag at every show that tend to blend together in your mind and are quickly forgotten. If you want your brand to get noticed, try one of these unique ideas at your next trade show:

1. Headshots

Not every bit of swag needs to be tangible. Everyone at your conference uses headshots for their professional image. Offer a high-quality headshot at your booth during the trade show to help your clients update their social media image. You can help them get more business and in return they will spread the word to other trade show attendees. While they are waiting for their turn, you will have time to engage and network with them.

2. Lanyards with a Business Card Holder

One of the problems that trade show attendees face is having enough hands to carry everything. Since the goal of a trade show is to widen your contact list, providing useful lanyards to carry business cards is a very useful giveaway idea. It frees up the hands and makes business cards readily available to hand out to everyone you meet at a show. They can be customized and branded to help spread awareness of your brand. Lanyards are affordable to give out and extremely practical for other attendees.

3. Charitable Donations

Technically this idea is not a giveaway; however you can draw a lot of attention by creating a game that results in winners giving charity to a worthy cause. You could set up a roulette wheel or spinner that has varying amounts of money that you will donate if your visitor wins. If a player lands on a $4.00 space, your company donates $4 to your listed charity. Players can match or add any donations they want to the pot. At the end of the show, you can email or text everyone the total amount raised and have a presentation video they can visit online or an actual presentation they can attend during the show.

4. Branded Care Packages

Create a small care package for attendees to comfort them after a day on their feet. Brand the outer package with your logo, and then fill it up with necessities such as hand soap, tissue, aspirin, cough drops and a snack. Trade shows can be extremely wearing, and attendees will love this idea. If your company makes its own products, a care package is a great way to showcase a sample of your item to attendees and draw attention to your brand.

5. Digital Downloads

Another intangible idea is a digital download such as a whitepaper or e-book. You can gather your prospects’ email addresses and send them the link for the download at the end of each day. Using this method, you accelerate their entry into your sales funnel immediately after the conference. You can follow up with them at your regular timetable to see if they received and read the whitepaper you sent and have any questions. E-books or whitepapers are informative and valuable for the recipient because they can highlight industry trends and position your brand as an authoritative leader in the field.

6. Small Gifts to Take Home

Trade show swag can fill a suitcase when you return home from a conference, so try something small. Branded luggage tags make for great trade show swag because of the small size and they are typically useful when traveling back home. Packages of seeds related to your product or wrapped tea bags are easy to put in a purse or pocket. These items will get used during the conference or once the attendee gets home. And your recipient won’t have to suffer because they carried it around. Food items are always received well, therefore small packages of instant coffee, nuts or any type of lightweight food item works for this idea.

What giveaways have worked for your trade show booths in the past?

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How to Use Music to Attract Trade Show Attendees

Music is one of the best ways to make your trade show booth exceptional in order to get noticed by convention attendees. There are several things to think about when using music as an attention-getter for your booth. You need to consider whether adding music will enhance, distract or just add noise to your booth. In a large indoor trade show, music may not be the answer. If it just adds to the cacophony of sounds, your potential customers will be turned off. However, if you can add music in such a way that it adds to the engagement and excitement of your display, it can be a great way to increase your brand awareness and trade show traffic.

music attracts trade show attendeesHow to Select Music for your Booth

Before you begin to select the music, think about the goals of adding music to your booth:

  • Music should draw people to the booth.
  • Music should enhance the display.
  • Music should help customers enjoy or engage.
  • Music should not distract or disturb.
  • Get permission from show organizers.

If you can add music and accomplish these goals, you are ready to go.

Using music to sell your product or services is not that same as playing it at your home. You need a license to play most music in public or you can potentially pay a hefty fine. Artists earn a royalty when their music is played publicly. Therefore, you can buy a music license or you can put together royalty-free music to play in public. The exception to this rule is if you are selling music to the public, then you already have permission to sample it to customers.

Once you have decided on your music budget and whether you should invest in a license, you can start selecting the type of music to put on your playlist. Base your decision on your demographic, the theme of your booth and the type of interaction you desire. For instance, a tattoo booth might choose classic rock music as opposed to a children’s toy booth which would choose children’s songs.

How to Present the Music

There are several ways you can use music to draw attention:

  1. Use music in the background to provide a mood in the booth. This music can play softly throughout the day to offer a relaxing atmosphere or loudly to produce excitement.
  2. Use music during demonstrations or periodically to engage customers for announcement, quick dance or contest. These events can happen every hour and you can give attendees a schedule ahead of time. You can even post a sign that says “Next show at X o’clock”.
  3. Let visitors listen to music through headphones provided at your booth to de-stress or to learn more about your product. Offer music as a down-time activity in a corner of your booth or use headphones for ongoing audio presentations about your brand.
  4. Use music as comic relief for your presentation to a large group at your booth or in a meeting room.
  5. Create anelectronic slide show with music.

Examples of Trade Show Music

  • Create a party in your booth at the end of the trade show. Put on line dancing music for people to let loose after the long day.
  • Use music in the background and offer chair massages to sooth tired attendees.
  • Create a reading room or computer area in the corner of your booth for people to escape for a few minutes
  • Set up screens with headphones for short audio-visual presentations that won’t disturb any other conversations. Attendees can listen at their own leisure.
  • Run demos every other hour and use music to heighten interest during the demo, help get a laugh or make your point.
  • Set up a motion detector that will turn on your audio presentation if your visitor goes to a certain spot in the booth.

As you can see, music can be used to grab attention in several ways. It is up to you to figure out if it will help your hinder your goals for your booth at this year’s trade show. For more ideas, Northwest Creative Imaging has you covered to make your next trade show a big success.

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Six Off-the-Wall Displays Your Company Should Try

Trade show attendance continues to grow at a feverish pace. Expectations seem to grow at about the same clip.

Utilizing Tablets to Improve Your BoothFor example, attendance at the Palm Beach International Boat Show was up 17% year over year, and the Consumer Electronics Show had more than 160,000 people attend last year’s conference in Vegas. Those conferences are not alone in reporting strong attendance, so you might think it would be easier than ever to attract people to your booth. In fact, the number of exhibitors has also grown, so it’s harder. If you want to increase the possibility of heavy traffic at your booth, consider these six off the wall display ideas.

1. Add Entertainment

Sometimes trade show attendees dread stopping by booths even when they’re interested in a product because they don’t want to listen to the sales pitch.

Try weaving the sales pitch into a more entertaining program. Hire a comedian to tell jokes for 15 minutes out of every hour or couple of hours. The jokes could be tailored around problems that might be addressed with your product, without explicitly “selling.”

If you a comedian doesn’t fit with your brand, consider a magician, a juggler, dancers or even (in rare cases, admittedly) a puppet show. It doesn’t quite matter what the entertainment is, as long as it’s enjoyable. Watch their presentation prior to the show so there aren’t any surprises. Be sure to invite people to the performances, and post the times for the next show prominently in your booth and in the expo’s brochure or schedule. Admission to the show – a business card or contact information.

2. Offer a Charging Station

People are on a perpetual search for a place to power their mobile devices, so why not provide it for them? Position the single person/device charging stations near the back of your booth, and have a person from your team assigned to each station. They can engage the person in light conversation about your company or why you’re at the show while the device charges or you could have a self-running demo at each station. The “price” of a charge is the guest’s contact information or business card.

3. Become an Oasis of Serenity in a Sea of Noise

Coyote Lambda Live PhotoTrade shows can disorient and overwhelm due to their noisy, overly bright nature. One way to make your booth stand is to do the opposite – decorating it in serene and soothing colors; use plush carpeting to absorb noise; and consider comfy chairs and soft music to lure people in for a few minutes of respite from the chaos surrounding them.

Don’t spoil the serenity with a hard-sell sales pitch, but consider offering a chair massage (by a trained massage therapist) or a square of chocolate in exchange for contact information. Fair warning: Only use this approach if your booth is located in a busy part of the exhibit hall. If you’re in a quiet back corner, you won’t attract anyone with this approach.

4. Do Something Fun

Make your booth the fun place to be. Consider renting self-balancing electric unicycles or Segways for your booth staff, and let them slowly cruise around the hall with a flag showing your company name and booth number. Put a Foosball table or the latest arcade game in your booth, and let people play a round while also listening to your pitch.

5. Feed the People

It’s easy enough to put a candy dish on the table, or to give out bags of popcorn, but if you really want to bring people in, offer something different and more substantial such as sliders, sushi or pizza. If the trade show is in a city with a notable cuisine, choose a well-known dish that represents the local culture.

Tiny bowls of gumbo or mini beignets are great for New Orleans, while tiny street tacos go over well in Texas. Whatever you decide to offer, make it visible from the aisle but only available from inside the booth so people can’t just scoop up a slice of pizza without talking to your team. Make sure you don’t set up a table across the front of your booth because it won’t allow people to enter. Double-check with show organizers whether food of this sort is allowed.

6. Holograms

Who could ever forget the tiny hologram of Princess Leia begging Obi Wan Kenobi for help in Star Wars? You don’t need a robot to project your holograms — although if you can swing it, wow. Consider having your demo projected as a hologram, or show 3-D videos of people interacting with your product. You may have seen holographic guides in airports recently, and CNN used the technology in 2008 to report on election returns.

Try any one of these six nonconformist ideas for your next trade show, and your booth will stand out from the rest!

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Trade Show Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Like most industries today, the evolution of trade show technology has been rapid over the last half century. Providing an engaging experience to trade show attendees has remained the consistent goal, with each year bringing forth new enhancements.

Exhibitors can stand out by creatively using technology in their trade show design services. Using technology to attract people to your booth, make your product stand out and provide a valuable user experience provides a marketing advantage over your competition.

These advancements provide the blueprint to acquiring more leads in a shorter time frame. Where the past would require careful tracking of potential and existing customers through a personnel touch, technology can expand that reach through tools such as lead retrieval apps.

What does the future hold for trade show technology? The tenets of trade show success remain the same: give visitors to your booth an educational, valuable and engaging experience. However, how you communicate that with exhibit goers and how they receive and process that message will no doubt continue to evolve.

Trade Show Technology

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A Noobs Guide To San Diego Comic Con 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014(July 24-27) is expected to once again see over 100,000 people attend this world renowned convention. Of the attendees, many are veterans with years of attendance under their belts. For others, Comic Con 2014 will be the first time experiencing this extravaganza of an event. For those conference rookies, this infographic provides a humorous San Diego Comic Con Guide that will help you make the most of your time.



The sheer size of the San Diego Convention Center coupled with the never ending character of the event makes for endless sights to see. Not to mention all of the interactions to be had throughout the four day conference. As much as you may want to see it all, it would take a super hero effort to do so. With a bit of reconnaissance ahead of attending, you can scope out the best way to treat your experience.

Whether you are at Comic Con to network with industry insiders, meet with your favorite illustrator or to see and be seen by cosplayers, this guide will provide you with the lay of the land to enhance your experience.

For even more great stuff on the event, check out the Comic Con 2014 Insider’s Guide for specifics about this year’s conference.

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Trade Show Booth Regulations

Understanding trade show booth regulations is one of the first things to check off of your to do list in preparation for a trade show or convention. Whether you are a first time or seasoned trade show attendee, knowledge of regulations allows you to make the best decision about how to position your exhibit.

Trade show booth guidelines vary across shows, so be sure to check in advance regarding specifics. Regulations surrounding booth dimensions, spacing, lighting and emitting noise are key components of any booth. Because everyone at the show has to work within the same restrictions, creativity is especially important in how you display your booth.

Trade Show Booth Regulations

Trade Show Booth Regulations Infographic

Selecting the right booth space can result in better traffic and more leads, but certain regulations imposed by the show can diminish advertising exposure. Research every show to insure your current booth or possible booth purchase will work within the show regulations. Island and peninsula booths offer the most advertising area because most shows allow hanging banners and tall booth backdrops.

Remember to check all of the fine print for lighting restrictions, flooring requirements, and set up regulations. Many trade show events have regulations on which exhibitors can set up on their own booth. Size, weight, and materials often contribute to regulatory rules. Many shows also require low wattage or LED lighting due to fire marshal regulations. This is very important to check because if your booth is using halogen lights you may be stuck with no lighting for the show. Keep in mind we have also seen shows that have requirements on the type of flooring or graphic substrates that can be used in the booth space.

Many show contractors have very specific show requirements including dates to ship to an advanced warehouse or directly to the show. Shipping to the wrong address on the wrong date can result in higher fees charged by the contractor. Many shows allow exhibitors to carry in their booths, but some shows have restrictions on the size or weight of items being carried into the show.

Carefully checking the show contractors guidelines can make or break an event. Be sure to read in depth and keep this infographic handy for any future shows you are attending. Contact Northwest Creative Imaging if you have any questions on booths that will work within show regulations!



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Using Facebook to Promote Your Tradeshow

Facebook is the largest social media outlet in the world with over a billion users.  Vendors who are serious about promoting their trade shows can use the site to share useful information, form new liaisons, and promote activities while engaging with the audience.  Facebook can also link to a company’s website, blog, or other social media account, making it the easiest resource for maximizing outreach when promoting a trade show.

An Effective Marketing Tool

Facebook reports that 1.11 billion people use the social media giant each month.  Like many social media outlets, Facebook connects friends, colleagues, and groups with similar interests providing a way for them to communicate and share information.  Facebook is constantly updated with tools that enable vendors to connect directly with target audiences.

How Facebook Helps You Connect

Using Facebook to Promote Your Trade ShowOnce a company’s Facebook page is established, “share buttons” should be placed on the vendor website and/or blog, so people who visit the company site can connect via Facebook or other social channel. Companies with Facebook accounts need to update their page with new posts, so they will appear in fans’ news feeds.  Topics businesses post on their page’s wall are:

  • Information about trade show booth location
  • Product information
  • Links to the company blog or webpage
  • Activities

Advertising with Facebook

Investing in a Facebook advertisement campaign is also a great way to boost public knowledge about your trade show.  When new users register, Facebook gathers:

  • Demographic information
  • Topics and keywords
  • Page likes
  • Categories / Interests

To set up the ad, the vendor selects the target area, age range, gender, and interests for their audience.  Facebook indicates how many people could be reached with the selected criteria.  Once the ad is posted, it is presented to people who fit the criteria.  Ads get information about a trade show to fans that would not normally be reached.

Outreach Before, During, and After the Trade Show

Facebook can be used for major outreach and information dissemination prior to a Trade Show.  One handy resource (previously not available on Facebook) that promotes outreach before, during, and after trade shows are event hashtags (ex: #tradeshow).

Hashtags work to turn topics and phrases into clickable links, so when the hashtag is clicked on, users go to a feed of related posts.  A hashtag thread enables users to follow the timeline of an event.

The up-to-the-minute posting keeps people in the loop and fosters a sense of excitement about what is happening.  Further, it is an easy, informal way to keep people informed that contributes to relationship building.

Facebook also allows promoters to interact with people by:

  • Sending personal invitations for events or “Thank-you for coming” messages
  • Creating special offers that can be used for before, during, or after the show outreach.  For example:
    • Two-for-one offers
    • 10% discounts for clients with the coupon
    • Free goods for the first x-number of visitors to the show
    • Free shipping offers for people who buy after the show online
    • Fun competition that requires people to leave contact information and / or to “like” the promoter’s Facebook page (this helps boost the database)
  • Inform followers of new product launches

Facebook enables trade show information to be promoted in real-time leading up to the event.  The tool fosters a culture of intimacy, which leads to stronger and more meaningful client/consumer relationships.

Northwest Creative Imaging carries a broad variety of products necessary for a successful tradeshow.  The online retailer offers quality products in economy, standards, and premium lines, so they can accommodate any client’s budget.  Northwest Creative Imaging is a company based on integrity and relevance, so it offers products and guidance that help customers promote their brand through relevant social media outlets like Facebook.

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Applying Feedback to Improve your Trade Show Booth

During a trade show, getting the crowd’s attention can be challenging when everyone is trying to sell their brand in dazzling, larger-than-life displays.  By conducting surveys and implementing changes based on feedback, trade show exhibitors can specifically alter their product, presentation, and personality to improve their booth.

Using Survey Data to Build a Stronger Booth

Trade show exhibitors want their trade show booth to attract a large audience, and generate leads for future business. Consumers are attracted by:

  • New display concepts and design
  • Useful, easily accessible information
  • Aesthetically pleasing, and interactive presentations
  • New product launches
  • Personality of the exhibitor and brand

Ways to Collect Survey Data

Investing in a couple of Android or iPad tablets not only helps an exhibitor improve the booth’s presentation, but they can also provide a quick and handy way to conduct surveys and mine the data.  Online questionnaires are excellent resources; Feedbackstr, for example, allows individuals to set up their own questionnaire and can retrieve the results in real-time.  The analysis can be documented and downloaded in a report.

It is important to ask questions in a brief survey about what customers felt worked with a display and what didn’t.  A few suggestions for the survey are:

  • Ask what drew the attendee to the booth.
  • Rate their experience. (Provide an area for the consumer to use specifics; if they had an unpleasant or exceptionally positive experience with the exhibitor’s team; that is important to know.)
  • Was the technology accessible at the booth?
  • Gather the audience’s overall satisfaction with the location, booth design, coordination and organization
  • Collect demographic information

Handling Harsh Feedback

Though positive feedback is always appreciated, negative feedback can also be very helpful.  If negative feedback is provided in person:

  • Listen quietly and politely
  • Acknowledge the complaint
  • Suggest a solution that would immediately fix the issue or that could be used to remedy the situation in the future
  • Provide contact information and gather it for follow-up if possible

Implement the Changes

Once feedback has been gathered, exhibitors can update their booths to meet their customer’s needs. A few suggestions are:

  • Don’t skimp on the exhibit space; make the billboard, logo, signs, and graphics colorful, crisp, bold
  • Practice the persona and work on articulately selling the product
  • Upgrade promotion materials whether it be the brochures or the website
  • Upgrade the technology at the booth
  • Follow-up with new connections

Customers are attracted by initial visual impressions, and they are kept when the personality and the product are pleasing to them. By conducting surveys and implementing feedback based on the results, exhibitors’ booths will hit it out of the park at every trade show.

Northwest Creative Imaging is a reputable, honest, transparent online retailer specializing in trade show products, creative guidance, and customer support.  The company provides products in economy, standard, and premium lines to accommodate everyone’s budget.  Northwest Creative Imaging’s fine lines of products and professional design services are guaranteed to create an impressive, positively-received trade show booth.

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Rules, Regulations and Best Practices of Gun Trade Shows

Gun trade shows deal with products that are stringently regulated at the federal and state levels, but when all the applicable rules, regulations and best practices of conducting gun trade shows are fulfilled, they can be just as effective as any other trade show or expo at exposing new products and innovations, while acting as successful marketing tool for new and expanding businesses, in a safe and festive atmosphere.

Gun show vs. Trade Show: What’s the difference?

Essentially, gun trade shows are like all other trade shows, expo-style events where people can buy, sell, trade or introduce others and be introduced to new products, services and peripheral products, such as accessories or other enhancements. In the case of gun shows, ammunition and accessories like holsters, storage mechanisms, cleaning and care products and outdoor and hunting gear might also be on the menu, besides new, used and unique collections of firearms.

gun trade showsOf course, the obvious factor that brings special attention to gun shows is their dealing with a product that has been known to be dangerous when accidently mishandled or maliciously misused, can be politically, legally and philosophically controversial and is tightly regulated and monitored by government entities at most levels.

It is up to those attending and those vending, selling or showing at gun shows to not only follow the laws and regulations but take whatever steps necessary to ensure that everyone at an expo remain as safe as any other trade show, such as a tech fair or green building expo. In fact, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives estimate that at least 5,000 gun shows are held annually in the United States.

Knowing the Law

Unlike similar expos that deal with non-weaponry products, gun shows are regulated by laws and rules at all levels of government jurisdiction, plus the guidelines of whichever industry and professional standards organizations govern any particular event.

Federal law states that a gun show is defined as:

“A function[s] sponsored by any national, State or local organization, devoted to the collection, competitive use, or other sporting use of firearms, or an organization or association that sponsors functions devoted to the collection, competitive use, or other sporting use of firearms in the community.”

It also important to note that federal gun laws, including registration requirements, background checks, etc. apply to Federal Firearms Licensed dealers, whether dealing from their normal place of business or at popup trade show displays at a gun trade show. As long as the proper documentation is filed and processes followed, gun dealers may set up trade show booths at any show at which they are welcome in the state where they are licensed.

However, private gun owners can also trade and sell at gun shows but may not be held to the same restrictions, especially when it comes to background checks and other licensee requirements. Federal law does not require private sellers to do any background checks.

It is important for one to know his or her state’s laws because several of them do differ. In 33 states – in accordance with the absence of federal regulations in this area – there are no laws or regulations governing private firearms sales at gun trade shows.

More than a handful of states have their own laws that require even private sellers to conduct the same background check processes on firearms sales as any FFL-holding dealer. Nearly a handful of other states require private and licensed dealers to conduct the same processes exclusively on handguns. At least in the state of Florida, regulations can very amongst more local jurisdictions.

States can even differ widely in their simple definitions of what gun shows actually are. For example, a gun show in Maryland is defined as “(A)ny organized gathering open to the public at which any firearm is displayed. (Public Safety Code Sec 5 130(a))”

At the same time, in Maryland, the definition reads:

“Any event (A) at which fifty or more firearms are offered or exhibited for sale, transfer or exchange to the public and (B) at which two or more persons are exhibiting one or more firearms for sale, transfer or exchange to the public. [General Statutes Sec 29-37g]”

Along with these vastly dissimilar definitions, you can imagine the differences in rules and regulations governed by them and the differing political and social philosophies behind the dissimilar mandates.

Going Beyond the Law

Guns are just like any other product one could market or consume at a trade show. It’s a vibrant industry that fluctuates, innovates and puts people to work. They are symbols of ingenuity, sportsmanship and security and one of the only products that are addressed specifically in our Constitution.

The fact that the disconnect between the rights of FFL dealers and private sellers, as stated above, has been negatively connoted throughout the media and during political debate as “the gun show loophole,” is difficult to ignore, even in this positive piece about gun shows. But it truly has become a positive time for gun shows and the industry in general.

As studies have suggested that up to 81% of Americans want background checks and registered sales of firearms, legislatures may have been slow to respond, but the gun show industry has answered the call.

Individual gun trade show promoters have taken their own steps to ensure safe, credible dealings at their venues and events. Some go as far as checking to make sure identities of the people leaving their shows with weapons match up with the purchaser’s names, to prevent straw-buyers and other deceptive acts. Others act to reduce accidents by ensuring weapons remain unloaded at all times.

When you’re sure that you are compliant with your own local laws, regulations and the guidelines of show organizers, and you’re ready to register your gun trade show displays, contact Northwest Creative Imaging. We specialize in portable trade show booths and large format printing and any related accessory to help you hit your target market.

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Great Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Trade shows are great events, showcasing the new products, innovation, and ambition from exhibitors all over the world. As an attendee, one of the best parts about these events is the giveaways from the big companies, to the little family operated shops.  For exhibitors, having thoughtful trade show giveaways can be a very effective marketing tool that can directly lead to success for your trade show booths.

Free Stuff for the Audience; Great Advertising for your Brand

Maybe it’s your first trade show and you’ve attended others while you were researching the process or you’ve been doing it for a while and you’re wondering if your giveaways and promotional items are truly working for your business.

Before you hand it, brand it

No matter which widget or gizmo you choose as a giveaway, it must serve its most important purpose: marketing your brand. It must be clearly associated with your brand, most easily achieved by printing your logo, tagline or company name on the giveaway products in the same manner in which you display them on your booths, literature and other company promotional and informational materials.

Giveaways that Work

One of the first considerations you face after you’ve considered the targets and costs of your giveaways is competitions. Depending on the size of a trade show, you may be facing dozens, if not hundreds of competitors. Everyone is trying to put their handout items into the right hands, or as many hands as possible.


Why not give them a place to put all their items by handing out bags? It not only provides an out-the-way-place for people to place your competitors’ giveaways, it is also a nice, broad canvas on which to list your brand, as well as provide a necessary service to attendees who will quickly run low on pocket and purse space for all the items they’ll receive at a show. Depending on the quality of the bag, it will most likely wind up being used again.

Technology and T-Shirts

Another solid idea is a T-shirt. T-shirts end up getting worn, whether by an attendee, client, his or her family member, or by someone else to which it is given. This can allow extended visibility of your brand for years to come.

Brandstand Wave touch screenSome of the most popular items lately have been electronics-related items, like smart phone accessories, such as stands or chargers; USB flash drives; touch-screen styluses; micro-fiber screen cloths; and other reusable and useful items that can carry your company or product name.

Personal Items

Another class of items surely to get used, especially during weekend events, or stashed for later in office desks is personal care items. Lip balm, lotions, hand sanitizer, nasal tissue, aspirin, etc. and even care packages that contain multiple, logoed, personal care items, are sure to be picked up and examined again, loaned out, handed off all the while spreading your message.

Office Supplies and Downloadable Content

Pens and other office supplies can also be effective. But try to make unique choices and use higher-quality products. Several vendors give out these types of products and if they are too cheap or not very useful, they are more likely to thrown away than kept.

Another unique idea that capitalizes on the integration of the World Wide Web and electronic content into our everyday lives as well in business is to offer downloadable or Web-based content like e-books or whitepapers that can be accessed and/or circulated following the conference. The key here is making the information useful enough. But it could generate leads.

Part of a larger effort

No one element of your trade show appearance is going to achieve all your objectives; giveaways are just one element for success in making an impression at an expo. Connecting with people, networking, creating effective pitches and participation in functions other than your display are all other important aspects of your appearance.

Perhaps one of the most integral pieces of a successful appearance is your popup trade show display, the first thing people see when they approach your company. That’s where Northwest Creative Imaging is here for you. We are experts in trade show booths and large format printing and we can offer you better value than anyone else on your trade show booth needs.

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