Your Daily Trade Show Maintenance Kit

Nothing is worse than setting up your trade show booth and realizing you forgot something? Forgetting something as simple as a screwdriver or a USB cord could give you stress at a minimum and at worse cause you to lose prospective business.

Avoiding trouble spots and being able to troubleshoot issues that crop up during a trade show are a too often forgotten key to success. This is why your daily trade show maintenance kit is a necessity. Bringing a multitude of tools in support of your booth could be the difference between a 30 second or 3 hour issue.

No one likes to drag a million things around so we’ve only included those items that are lightweight or essential to you delivering the best booth experience possible. A great booth experience relies on four components: booth capabilities, technical, staff expertise, and product demonstration.  This can vary from keeping your booth clean by bringing a dustbuster to having giveaways that act as reminders to the wonderful impression you left on your visitors. Supporting these four objectives is where daily booth maintenance is essential to a successful show.

Your Daily Trade Show Maintenance Kit

Your Daily Trade Show Maintenance Kit Graphic

The next time you attend a trade show, bringing the following tools will help keep your booth running smoothly. This will allow you to engage with visitors and allow you and your trade show display to give off the best impression possible. What else do you find to be a “must have” for your trade show experience?





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