Trade Show By The Numbers

In 1851, the ‘first World Expo’ was held in London, entitled the “Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations,” and similar expos followed suit in New York, London, Philadelphia, Paris and Chicago. Important inventions, such as the telephone, were initially introduced at these types of shows, instigating a hunger for new knowledge and the trade show movement in America. Today, more than 21 million people attend trade shows every year, and these expositions cover a wide range of consumer interest, including hospitality, beauty and wellness, apparel, science and technology, medicine, agriculture, marketing, healthcare and many more. With such an array of expos in existence, consumers and vendors can attend most any day of the year.

In order to accommodate the growth of the trade show industry, convention facilities have expanded in location and size. Some of the largest expo centers in America have over 2 million square feet of trade show capacity, easily holding the thousands that attend such famous trade shows as International CES in Las Vegas and Comicon in San Diego.

Graphic Representation of Trade Show Based Statistics

Tradeshow By the Numbers Graphic

With the growing numbers of expo attendees, businesses that incorporate trade show attendance into their marketing plans have a huge opportunity for consumer exposure and client connection. Take a look at the number of interested attendees that attend trade shows each year; your business can’t afford to miss out on these invaluable chances to meet your new customers!


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