Standroid monitor displays

One of the newer additions to our product line is the Standroid monitor display. These display systems are unique because it is a great way to mount flat screen monitors. The Standroid comes with a built in monitor stand which can either be built into the display or stand alone. This display is very affordable and is a quality product that is sure to stand out at any show. The Standroid can support large monitors and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. They only have a 5 day turnaround and are really easy to ship from one location to another. This system is engineered specifically to be very portable and easy to assemble and take down. The Standroid is built to work show after show! Its packaged in a complete kit a very affordable price, and we offer replacement graphics so its easy to rebrand the booth without buying an entire new system. Replacement graphics are a great way to create a new design, look, and feel year after year.

standroid monitor display with header graphic

Strandroid complete kit with graphics

The Standroid 10 ft Complete System and Standroid Waveline System comes with the whole display including graphics and monitor mounts. With only 7 business days from when it is made to when it reaches your doorstep this display can be ready for any upcoming show. The Standroid 10 foot Complete System includes the frame, dye sub graphic, hover header with graphic, monitor mount, hard shipping case and black case wrap. If you want your booth to have an interactive component to it just add a touch screen monitor and your booth can be transformed into a hands on display! The graphics come with a great warranty of 6 months against printing defects and a limited lifetime warranty for the hardware! The frame  is made with aluminum and can hold up to a 46” monitor/TV.

Interactive media displays are the new trend in exhibiting. A touch screen monitor can add features to a booth that will intrigue and engage exhibitors. Using media programs, slideshows, live product searches, and live assistance can create a new experience for potential customers. Standing out a trade show can mean the difference between a successful show or a wasted opportunity.

The Standroid standalone monitor mount is a great alternative to a full graphic display. This package works great if a full size display is not practical for the show or location. This is a great way to have an interactive kiosk that is both durable and a cost effective way to display when used in a store front application. This monitor mount comes with the hover frame, black wrap for hover header, monitor mount and black wrap for monitor stand. The Standroid Monitor Mount stand only ships within 1 business day and with graphics ships within 5 business days.

The nice thing about the Strandroid is it can turn an ordinary display into an extraordinary display by just adding a monitor. Some facts we learned from the Visual Teaching Alliance is that 65% of the population are visual learners and that the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. By turning your display into a visual or interactive display it will draw people in and grab their attention. Standroid is a low cost solution for a unique display when utilizing it to showcase a product using a visual aid such as a monitor. Ask us about our many options we have for portable display systems because our low costs and extensive knowledge of the trade show industry give us an edge over other vendors. We can point you in the right direction to allow you to have a display that will bring the crowds in and yet keep you within budget!

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