New Hop Up Display Options!

Northwest Creative Imaging has just added some new options for the Hop Up Displays to our website. We continually look for creative and unique styles to add to our lineup, and our oversized and backlit Hop Up’s do just that. Some of the key features the new Hop Ups offer are back lighting kits, sizes up to 40 feet, and unique sizes like 12.5’x7.5’ and 2.5’x2.5’. The Hop Up display is easy to set up because they pop out just like an accordion and lock together very easily. With our competitive price structure, the Hop Up is available for the same price as many other inferior display systems. They are a very clean, lightweight solution to a traditional display because of their unique qualities and exhibitor friendly set up. The premium Hop Up display is rated as one of the highest quality products in the pop up display category because of its durability and very low warranty claim rate.

The Hop Up display offers a seamless fabric graphic that is printed in the US and can be produced incredibly quickly. The 8 oz. Power Stretch graphic is produced by a G7 certified print shop and includes free pantone color matching. These displays come in a complete kit which offers the frame, graphic, shipping case, and lights. The main feature of the Hop Up is its durable frame and stretch fabric graphic that is compact and easy to assemble. Assembly is as simple as expanding the frame, locking the connectors in place, and attaching the end caps. In total it takes about 5 minutes to fully assemble a 10 foot display system. There is even an option between a curved or straight frame, for the same price and turnaround time. The set up video below shows exactly how fast and easy it is to assemble a Hop Up display.

Hop Up displays are manufactured by Orbus Company in Bolingbrook, IL and Las Vegas, NV. They are made with a thick, high quality aluminum framework. The Hop Up already comes with the graphic attached which makes it very easy to assemble right out of the box. If you need something that is easy to assemble and consumer friendly, this product is a great choice. Our unique size options make it possible to find a display that will work for any event. We can also make custom sizes upon request! The backlit Hop Up also gives the option of turning your booth into a light box that will draw in any audience. The great thing about backlit displays is they can be used as a standard display system, or backlit!

The Hop Up allows for a seamless look that is sure to make your display pop out and draw attention. Fabric graphics are ideal for creating modern, sleek booths that stand out from standard banners stands or panel pop up displays. The seamless look is ideal for large 20 foot displays or our 30-40 foot oversized options! To make it even better, the Hop Up is priced very competitively making it an incredible value.

easy to set up 20 foot hop up

Seamless 20 foot Hop Up display

If you are looking for a seamless, durable display that is easy to assemble and quality made then the Hop Up display is what you are looking for. Take a look at all of the options available on our website and give us a call if you have any questions about this product. Northwest Creative Imaging highly recommends this product manufactured by Orbus as being a quality made product that will impress our clients.  We hope you “Hop Up” and check this product out!

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