Brandcusi Banner Stand – A Great New Addition!

Northwest Creative Imaging is now offering an ultra modern Brandcusi 3D banner stand. These are great because they are a modern take on the traditional banner stand; similar to the Waveline displays. These banner stands have a tubular, heavy duty aluminum frame that utilizes a stretch fabric graphic that looks clean, professional, is lightweight, and very portable. The Brandcusi offers a double sided graphic with every kit and turnaround time is a total of 7 business days from the day an order is placed to the day they arrive on your doorstep!

This Brandcusi banner stand with double sided graphic will stand out!

Something every exhibitor is looking for is something that is going to be practical, yet eye catching and very portable. The main features that a trade show display needs are a competitive price, lightweight structure, easy assembly, and a great appearance. The Brandcusi Banner Stands offer just this. The Brandcusi’s contemporary, fresh and clean look will bring the crowds in because your booth will stand out from all of the traditional display systems.

The Brandcusi has multiple options to choose from including multiple shapes, shelving, and lights! The standard shape options are straight, curved, angled, or mini which are packaged in a complete kit that includes the frame, dye sub graphic (double sided), and molded soft case.  The full color dye sub fabric graphic is sewn and hemmed for quality finishing and durability. Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a standardized color matching process using four inks – cyan, magenta, yellow and black, which is a color matching service offered on the Brandcusi. PMS is used so that a specific color can be matched across substrates, printers, and inks.  The Brandcusi has a strong frame design, quality graphic and only sets up in seconds. They are very affordable and hit all price points when sticking to a budget. There are many add on’s available for the Brandcusi including 2 shelves, 1 literature holder, 50W Halogen lights, and a hard shipping case. These options can turn your Brandcusi into a product display, information kiosk, or a presentation tool!

One of the nice features of the Brandcusi Mini is they are perfect for table tops, so if something small is needed to set off your display table the Brandcusi mini is a perfect solution. They are a very affordable solution that will bring a ton of attention to even the smallest booth. When adding the Brandcusi mini on top of a full dye sub table throw it will allow the exhibitor to have a standout display set up that is perfect for smaller exhibitions or shows when limited space is available. We have embedded the set up video to illustrate how simple and easy these Brandcusi displays to set up and transport from show to show.

Checkout our other great products we offer including popup displays and custom displays to accent the Brandcusi banner stand. One key advantage of Northwest Creative Imaging is that we can meet every need for an exhibitors trade show, whether it’s a custom display or even just a shipping case, there are many options available that are very economically priced. If you have questions about the items we offer or don’t see what you really need give us a call because more than likely we can find it for you! It seems like there are a million different options for trade shows, but we can help to match any company with a portable display that is not only under budget, but durable and eye catching!  We stand 100% behind our quality made products and quality graphics with warranties backed up by our company! Northwest Creative Imaging, LLC is and continues to be a family owned and operated small business that truly cares about every one of our clients long term success at marketing events and trade shows!

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