Types of outdoor banner stands

There are multiple types of outdoor banner stands that are designed for many different uses. One of the most common banners is the feather and tear drop banners. They are typically used for outdoor advertising on streets or in front of retail locations. These banners work so effectively because of their size and eye-catching “flapping” motion in the wind. There are multiple sizes available varying from 7 feet to 20 feet with either single or double sided prints.

Outdoor Banner Stands

Feather Style Outdoor Banner

There are multiple base options for use in soil or on hard surfaces. The spike base is very large and will hold the banner in very high winds. The X base is for use indoors or in low wind areas. The heavy duty water base works great for high wind areas where the spike base is not an option. The feather banner is one of the best options for advertising because of the versatile size and base options. They work great for churches, schools, retail locations, and sporting events.

Outdoor portable billboard displays are large outdoor banner stands that are used to market big events. They are much larger than standard outdoor banners because their purpose is to draw attention from a distance. Portable billboards are ideal for companies having sales, auctions, or one day events. They are very helpful to assist in drawing in more potential clients to a one day event.

Outdoor banner stands have many uses so its important to examine your needs before choosing a product. Shopping around and researching is the best way to determine the best banner for your company or organization.

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