Stock Up on Outdoor Promotional Products

Summer is fast approaching which means outdoor fairs and promotional events will begin in full force. Looking ahead its always a good idea to make sure your entire outdoor promotional material stock is ready and up to date. This may mean replacing a worn out tent or replacing the graphic on your outdoor banner stand. One thing to keep in mind is that outdoor promotional products are seasonal which means inventories fluctuate drastically. This results some products going out of stock during high demand periods.

When it comes to marking at outdoor events its critical to have a well designed space that can draw in buyers. Plan ahead and make sure all of your promotional products are up to date. Waiting until the last minute could put your company in a bind, especially if an item is temporarily out of stock. This critical when designing a space. Its great to have flags that move in the wind to grab attention as well as a well branded space. This can be done with either an event tent or a large outdoor banner stand. There are many options available so its easy to fit into any size booth space.

Northwest Creative Imaging offers a full line of the most popular portable outdoor products at very affordable prices. One of our most popular products is the outdoor feather flag banner.

Outdoor Banner Stands

Tear Drop Shaped Flag

Effective promotional products are the key to successful outdoor events and will result in a much higher return on investment. We offer fast turnaround on every product and only sell quality products that are tested in house. Partnering with Northwest Creative Imaging for your next outdoor event will make it possible to stay within budget while receiving quality products that will last. Stay tuned to the site for new products that will be available shortly.

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