Graphic displays that make an impact on your audience, not your wallet!

Recently Northwest Creative Imaging added a new addition to our portable line of displays. The 20 foot Waveline is already a huge success because of its affordable price point and quality graphic printing. This display will truly make an impact at any trade show or convention with a price point of under $1,300, including graphics! The Waveline will give your company a BIG look without stretching the entire trade show budget. Graphic displays continue to be the most popular choice for trade shows because they bring a modern, professional look to a booth space which increases leads and traffic!

Waveline Display

Large 20 foot graphic will make any company stand out!

It does not take a large budget to create a booth space that looks professional and inviting. The key is to design an effective graphic that will speak to your audience. Northwest Creative Imaging specializes in effective graphic designs that will attract your client base and help generate leads. It takes the right kind of mind set to match creativity with business to create graphics that will look great and actually work at an event. Using graphic displays with an effective design is the best combination for any promotional event.

With the right design and a great looking display system it will be very easy to significantly increase revenue from every show. The goal of any display purchase is to turn the expense into a money maker. The Waveline display offers just that and is now available in curved, straight, and serpentine models. Not only is it a great looking system, but the price point makes it an incredible value. We strive to find the best values for our clients to help generate the largest return on investment possible. Stay tuned to our blog for the latest news on new products and details on exhibiting!

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