Keep it in the States!

Now more than ever companies are trying to keep as much money in the United Sates as possible in order to support US workers and companies. At Northwest Creative Imaging we strive toward the same goal. We have started offering many US made display options for exhibitors in one section of our site. This makes it very easy to shoppers to find all their options if they want to buy a US made display.

Some of the most popular US made trade show displays are the Orbital truss display systems.

US Made Truss Displays

US made truss system display

These truss systems are very easy to assemble and are ideal for companies that need a booth with a flexible design. Every truss kit consists of multiple universal parts that are used throughout every kit so its very easy to reconfigure and reshape your truss from show to show. Its very easy to expand a truss system because all that is required is a few additional parts. There is no need to buy a whole new system or start from scratch, its very easy to use your existing display to develop nearly any design.

We also carry a full line of 100% US made banner stands called the Contender. Unlike most banners, the Contender is completely made in the US and all graphic printing is done in the US. The Contender is a great value because the price point is the same as most imported banner stands. There are multiple widths available making it very easy to find a banner that will work for your specific application.

As our site keeps expanding, so will our selection of US made display systems. Stay tuned to our blog and our website to get the most current news and updates on products in the trade show industry! Remember to keep it in the states!

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