Geometrix Displays – Unique Look, Low Price Point

The Geometrix is a 3-D style pop up display that is affordable and has a very unique look. Multiple fabric panels are used to create a multilayer display system that is completely different than a standard pop up. We offer Geometrix displays in multiple sizes and configurations to fit any booth size or table top.

Many customers are initially skeptical of the Geometrix quality because of its affordable price point. This is because a similar product called the Xpressions is about 2.5 times the cost, so its logical to assume that something much less expensive will also be much lower in quality. This is actually very far from the truth, because the Geomtrix is a very high quality display that is durable and uses quality parts and graphics. Most of the additional cost for the Xpressions come from the patent and exclusive brand name. The Xpressions brand does offer more size and layout options, including the options between a black or silver frame, but if you have a tight budget and still want to stand out the Geometrix is a great option. As seen in the photo below the Geometrix looks great in person and at trade shows. There are so many options available its easy to make the Geometrix unique and effective.

Geometrix Displays

Fully Finished Geometrix Display

With the available options and low price point, the Geometrix continues to be one of the most popular and best values from Northwest Creative Imaging. We offer free e proofs and graphic support for all orders so you are never left wondering how the display will turn out. All of our products are backed by manufacturer warranties and are designed to hold up for years of trade show use. Individual graphic panels can be purchased at any time to change the look of the display from show to show with minimal costs!

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  1. Don Harper says:

    You can’t judge a display by it’s price point. Expensive displays can fall apart, and great deals can last for years.

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