Using Projectors with Portable Trade Show Displays

One of the most common questions I am asked is “can I use my projectors with portable trade show displays? How will it work?”. Its actually much easier than most people think and requires nothing more than a white space. Every single material that we sell is opaque and will work great with nearly any projector. The key is to add white space to you display at the desired size of the projection. Its also critical to know the correct aspect ratio of your projector so it displays correctly. The most common aspect ratios are 4:3 or 16:9. Below is a display that is a perfect example of how to perfectly set up a display for a projector screen.

Hop Up Displays

10 Foot Hop Up Display with Projector Area

Any of our full graphic trade show displays can incorporate the same white space to support a projector and we offer many counter options that are great for supporting any projector. There are hundreds of projectors available on that are available in multiple colors, resolutions, and sizes. All that is required to project on a display is 300 lumens minimum(recommend 500-1000) and all other specs are up to the customer. There are HD models out that project in full 1080p high definition which can also double as a home theater projector.

There are many benefits to using projectors with you trade show display including:

  • Bringing media and movement to your booth
  • Standing out from other exhibitors
  • Change your graphic or message at every show
  • Can also be used as a presentation tool

Using any one of our displays with a projector will help to add functionality to lower cost displays. Its very simple and surprisingly affordable to create an interactive display system that can be used over and over again at any marketing event. If you have any questions on graphic layout or recommendations please give Northwest Creative Imaging a call to discuss your trade show display project.

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