Linear Displays – Endless Possibilities

Northwest Creative Imaging has recently added the entire line of Linear displays to our website. Linear hybrid displays offer endless design possibilities because each display is custom built. The best feature of the Linear line is the very affordable price point. There are three product lines available in “off the shelf” kits that can be produced in four business days. The Linear Classic, Linear PRO, and Linear BOLD are available in multiple configurations and sizes to accommodate nearly every trade show requirement. Monitor mounts, stand off tables, printed headers, and lambda graphics are just some of the available options available to create an attractive and functional display system.

Linear Displays

Linear PRO 10 Foot Display Package

Every Linear display kit includes a shipping case, lights, and stand off counters(if shown) in the hardware pricing. The above Linear kit includes an arch style canopy, tapered end caps, and two V tables creating an attractive style and useful features. Linear systems are very easy to customize without adding additional costs so the above kit 22 can use the canopy or wing styles from any other Linear PRO kit without additional cost or lead time.

Linear Bold

Custom Linear BOLD 10 Foot Kit

Linear Bold kits offer the appearance of a custom display system without the added cost or lead time. These can also be customized beyond the standard kits to create an even more unique system. Multiple shelves, counters, and monitor mounts can be incorporated throughout to create a display that will work for any company.

Linear displays have and continue to be one of the most popular and versatile display systems around. Northwest Creative Imaging offers every standard Linear kit available at the lowest prices in the industry. Stay tuned to our blog, facebook, and twitter pages to stay up to date on company info and new additions to our product line!

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