Less is More – Creating an Award Winning Display

Large format graphics offer many advantages when marketing at conventions or events. They are so effective because they command attention due to their large size. Most large format graphics are used at trade shows because they are the best way to attract new clients and generate revenue. Since the graphics are so large it is natural to think that more information is needed to fill the space. In fact the exact opposite approach will attract the most attention at trade shows. Creating an award winning display can increase leads and traffic. Simple and well designed graphics are key in grabbing and keeping attention of potential clients that are flying through shows. If a display is direct it will attract more qualified buyers resulting in higher ROI for the trade show.

Its easy to present a philosophy that sounds logical, but until its proven its just talk. That’s why Northwest Creative Imaging captures and highlights customers that create effective designs. The customer in the picture below won best in show for the most effective booth set up at the show they attended. As you can see the design is clean and effective making it very attractive and easy to understand. The display that was used was also a lower cost display proving its not about how much money you send, but how effectively the booth is put together.

Large Format Printing

In Great Designs Less is More

Simple designs often are the most difficult to envision and execute well. Its very easy to place as many selling points as possible to fill up the area, but its very difficult to use very little information to create the same effect. Most clients are not going to be drawn to a booth that requires a long attention span to understand. If a client can identify your company, product, or service in under 3 seconds then you are more likely to attract that client.

Here are a few tips to help in designing a simple, yet effective large format graphic:

  • Identify the most important and attractive aspects of your company
  • Narrow selling points to 5 items or less
  • Refraining from phrases like “lowest price possible” or “satisfaction guaranteed” because most competitors will advertise the exact same thing
  • Create a unique catch phrase that is easy to understand, but different from the competition
  • Use photo’s and images that speak directly to your client base

These simple steps are a great start to create a trade show graphic that will attract clients and bring in revenue. Graphics that are more generic will work for more shows because they are not exclusive to certain products or services. To learn more on this topic please visit www.nwcidisplays.com or take a look at one of our customers websites on graphic design.

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