Alumalite Classic – The new look in trade shows

The Alumalite Classic was one of the first mainstream custom modular style displays introduced to the trade show market. The instant popularity made this display system a huge seller. The main reason for the popularity of the Alumalite was the new look it offered while remaining very affordable and easy to assemble. The Alumalite is only slightly harder to assemble that a typical pop up display while offering a completely new and modern look. There are so many options available that it is very easy to create a unique and intriguing booth display. The wave canopy is available in multiple colors and the frame is available in three finishes. There are also multiple graphic options available including dye sub fabric, 1200 dpi ink jet, and Lambda print. The Alumalite is capable of supporting monitors, shelves, and literature racks.

Alumalite Displays

10 Foot Alumalite AL-1

Since the Alumalite was introduced many other products have hit the market. There are many low cost options that are similar in style but do not offer as many custom options. These products are ideal for customers looking for a big look on a tight budget. There are also many variations of the Alumalite being produced that offer a slightly different look. While there are many different options available the Alumalite continues to be one of the most popular custom modular display because of the high quality materials and available options.

Custom Modular Displays

Alumalite Offers Multiple Style Options

With the available options it is very easy to create a display that will fit your companies style and stand out from other exhibitors. High quality counters are available in multiple finishes that will add functionality and appeal to your booth space. When shopping for your next display keep the Alumalite in mind as a quality alternative to traditional pop up displays!

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