Why Pop Up Displays?

Pop up displays have been the most popular trade show display for the last 30 years. As soon as the pop up display was introduced it became very popular. Since then multiple sizes, styles, configurations, and shapes have been created. There are more than 100  types of pop up displays so it can be very hard to find a quality displays from a reputable company. Northwest Creative Imaging has researched most of the most popular pop up displays for trade shows. We carry a line that offers different price points and quality levels to fit any companies needs and requirements.

Why are pop up displays so popular?

Pop up displays are so popular because of there accordion style frame that pops up from a compact shape into a full size display in about 5 seconds. This feature allows users to ship a compact package containing a display that will fit a 10 foot booth. That is why pop up displays are perfect for trade shows and traveling sales representatives. Pop up displays have a variety of materials that can be used as the backdrop. The most common option is a carpet-like fabric material that is Velcro receptive. This option is great for arranging Velcro graphics on the backdrop. The other option that is becoming increasingly popular is the full mural graphic backdrop. Full mural graphics create a custom backdrop that will make any booth space look unique.

Coyote pop up displays

20 Foot Custom Coyote

The newest addition to our line up is the Coyote pop up display. Although its new to our site, the Coyote has been around for close to 10 years and is a very well-known and popular pop up display. The frame design is very durable while remaining very lightweight and all the channels connect with a magnet to magnet connections making installation a breeze. All of our graphic kits include Lambda graphic printing for maximum clarity and durability. Orbus manufacturers the Coyote pop up display and offers a lifetime warranty on the frame. The is more information on this manufacturer on their website.

Pop up displays will continue to the be the most popular trade show display because of their price point and available options. When pop ups were introduced they were only available in a few sizes and only with carpet panels. Now there are countless options and nearly any size available. Pop ups will continue to offer more options and Northwest Creative Imaging will continue to offer the most popular displays on the market!

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