How to Use Digital Signage Effectively at Your Next Trade Show

At the next trade show you attend, take a good look around the displays and see just how much digital signage is being regularly used. The amount of electronic screens will astound you! Digital signage has become a regular and inescapable feature of trade show and convention displays, meeting rooms, conferences and more. This is primarily due to technological advancements in flat-panel displays. Today’s leading edge models are lighter in weight and less costly than in years past. Plus, they are also more durable for 3- and 4-day conferences, making them easier to operate and maintain by booth staff.

Digital Signage is Becoming EssentialDigital Signage at Trade Shows

Digital signage is becoming an essential consideration for nearly every booth. Large, bright, colorful and dynamic digital displays can grab attention from across the trade show floor, and digital speaks to the modern trade show landscape. After all, it’s likely that  99% of all show attendees carry one or more digital devices around the trade show floor. Unlike traditional static signs, digital signage allows you to program virtually any type of visual content onto a screen. You can use your integrated tools to set up simple static images and messages to videos, slide shows, animations, and more. Take your existing materials and incorporate some or all of these into digital formats to be displayed on the LED screens at your booth. This gives customers a very different experience at your trade show booth. This changing array of messages will grab the attention of trade show attendees passing by your display. Who benefits from digital signage, and how can you use digital signage in your display to get the maximum benefit? Here are key factors that will help you plan your digital display to achieve the best effect.

Content is King

Before investing in large flat-panel LED screens for your booth, plan well for the types of content and digital displays that will serve your purpose. High quality designs will likely be noticed and remembered, and in a multi-day trade show, busy aggressive signs may get tuned out. Cost may play a factor. While the display screens can be programmed with nearly any type of visual content, making expensive glossy videos to use as content may tax your trade show budget. Your ability to leverage content from already existing material is your key to digital screen success at a trade show. Focus your energy and budget on producing interesting and memorable content.

Size Matters!

The specific size and arrangement of your displays will depend on your budget and the image you want to project. Flat-panel LED displays are getting cheaper by the year, and ever-thinner bezeled screens are now the hottest trend in digital screens. Your screen should be as large as the environment demands. The larger the screen, the more visibility you’ll have. Some companies succeed with smaller screens. Maybe your budget won’t allow for one massive screen. Instead, opt for a series of smaller ones to showcase your products and attract potential customers. To help manage questions and face-to-face time with customers, provide one screen devoted to frequently asked questions about your products.


Touch-screen displays keep visitors engaged and interested. These displays provide an interactive tour of products and demonstrations. Or they can incorporate a game or a quiz leading to a prize. The key here is that touch screens keep potential customers around your booth and escalate chances of sales. The great advantage of digital signage is the ability to add, adjust, and change content nearly at will. Take advantage of this capability by altering your presentation and content. That will help visitors to look your way each day! Northwest Creative Imaging offers a full range of products and services for the creative trade show booth and understands how important digital signage is becoming in the trade show world.   We can help you design and create trade show displays that allow you to incorporate your digital displays easily and safely, with a variety of LED panel-friendly walls and frames.

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How to Give a Great Elevator Pitch [INFOGRAPHIC]

Giving a great elevator pitch can be an art form, which requires practice and skill. Our infographic is designed to re-iterate and educate on the basic steps to a great presentation.  Every situation will require a specific plan to target your audience, regardless if the presentation is to sell a product, present an idea, or close a sale.

Step One of our infographic is to establish your goal. This is the key to a great elevator pitch. In sales first impressions can be everything and the same idea applies when presenting to an audience. Simple concepts like visual aids, action words, and tone of voice can elevate a presentation to a level of professionalism that will impress an audience. One key factor that is often overlooked is acting authentic. The term “keep it real” applies directly to presenters because now more than ever people are specifically looking for authenticity and over the top sales techniques usually work against the presenter. Act like yourself and present passionately about the topic to grab the audience and get them excited about the presentation. A great tool is practicing in front of family and friends because they are the best judge on authenticity.

The infographic shows the steps on controlling movement in order to maximize use of the stage and presentation tools. These simple movements can amplify your presentation and engage the audience.

At the end of the elevator pitch conclude with summarizing the main points in a clear and concise manner. Build the conclusion to a final statement that will lead the audience to act on the main topic of the presentation whether its buying a product, using a specific service, or asking for a vote or support. These basic steps with a combination of situation specific adjustments can lead to a great presentation that will inspire. At Northwest Creative Imaging we provide portable displays that are used for presentations, trade shows, events, and conferences to help aid in a successful pitch!

How to Give an Elevator Pitch


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6 Reasons Why Your Trade Show Display Needs a Makeover

If you’re exhibiting at trade shows, but not getting the foot traffic you’re hoping for, then it might be time to take a really close look at your trade show display. Is it inviting to show attendees? Is it visually appealing to potential customers? If the answer is no, then your booth may be in need of a makeover. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but a few light touches toward your presentation can help with measurable results.

We’ve put together a list of six reasons why you may want to consider a makeover for your booth. These will help you determine what types of booth designs and features are working today, and how you can more effectively attract potential customers.

6 reasons to makeover your trade show boothReason #1 – Stay Ahead of the Curve: If you don’t keep up with change, you may get left behind.  Look around at your competitors. What are they doing that you’re not? Booth babes may be fading, but digital signage is attracting. Like fashion, there are trends in the way trade show booths are designed and presented. If your display seems outdated, then it’s time to make changes to stay ahead of the curve of technology and modern-day appearances.

Reason #2 – Use New Technology:  Electronic tablets are a good way to more effectively attract and engage potential customers.  Tablets are now very popular at trade shows, and in business in general. Using them effectively in your booth can foster great impressions from potential customers, as in “these guys get it.” Most trade show attendees are all wired with smartphones, laptops and tablets, it’s best that your exhibitor’s booth does the same.

Offer tablets on pedestals as entry points for exploring your products or giving you their contact information.  Play an appealing promotional video that allows visitors to explore informational links on the tablet and engage with your booth staff. Once they are in, they are more apt to ask pointed questions with the staff.

Reason #3 – Move to dynamic signage:  Digital signs can add another level at which to engage attendees. They can convey the message of your booth dynamically, colorfully, and from a distance. Their messages can be changed throughout the day or days of the show to give it a more dynamic feel or to test out the effectiveness of different messages and images as the trade show progresses.

Reason #4 – Too much booth clutter: You may have too much clutter. The trend toward digital is helping to diminish this aspect in some regard, as it takes the place of piles of promotional brochures and posters. Think clean lines and open spaces for your booth. David Brull, the Vice President of Marketing and Membership for the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, suggests exhibitors should consider their trade show display as home for a few days. “You need to think of it as your home for a few days, and inviting people into your space should be a pleasant experience.”  Common advice among industry watchers is to ensure that your space is a comfortable zone for you to talk to your customers.

Reason #5 – Use color:  Trade show displays using colors are back in fashion, and comfortable, unemotional colors are becoming more common. Does your booth display surprise and wow the attendees? Consider using the warmth of real tablecloths and soft lighting, instead of plastic and fluorescent lights, or fresh cut flowers and artwork. Wood surfaces are also coming into play more and more in trade show booths. This gives your space a homey feel and contributes to making it a comfortable space for doing business.

Reason #6 – Coordinate your look: Lastly, take a good look at the team you assemble for your booth. Are you coordinated with matching company shirts? The look of your team is nearly as important as the look of your booth. Get connected with each other and present a unified front.

Northwest Creative Imaging offers a full range of products and services for the creative trade show booth, from large modular display booths to large format printing and simpler more economical table-top displays and a range of accessories. We can help you design and create trade show displays for any type of space, indoor or outdoor, and offer products and services for those who want to incorporate digital and other forms of media into their display.

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How to Maximize ROI from Trade Show Leads

Trade shows provide a fantastic opportunity to see your customers, meet potential new ones and try to parlay your investment into increased sales and activity for your company. For many companies, the value of a successful trade show is in new business that gets booked. Whichever way your team measures a successful trade show, it’s important to maximize the return on investment of your trade show visits. Let’s explore below some of the ways to do this.

Analyze the Contacts

Keep track of leads you generate: Ranking the quantity of leads doesn’t necessarily indicate their quality, but it can help you compare the types of attendees of certain trade shows. One way to do this is to track the number of leads generated and the numbers of those that converted to eventual sales. For those leads that don’t turn into sales as a direct result of the show, this metric can tell you which shows your customers are attending (and at which ones you should be exhibiting).

Evaluate the quality of those orders: In addition to tracking the number of orders, check the quality of those orders gained at shows. You might get more total orders from one show than another, but they might be smaller or one-time buys from customers you never see again. You might get smaller initial orders from one show, but it could be new clients who are testing you, or get you into a territory you’ve been trying to enter. These new accounts can lead to bigger long-term clients.

Maximize ROI at trade showsFollow-up with new accounts: New accounts can help your business grow exponentially. They might need more hand-holding at first, so follow up with materials from your trade show display  that help these contacts understand your product benefits, features, warranties, customer service and any buyer discounts or other programs in place. Make sure to send samples to these contacts. Don’t assume the samples they picked up at your booth made it all the way home and to the office.

7 points of contact: There’s a sales adage that notes you generally have to have seven different touch points with a prospect before they become a customer. Maybe you didn’t book a sale at the show or even several months after meeting a prospect. That’s OK, some customers aren’t ready to buy – yet. Avoid hard selling, such as asking for orders multiple times. Instead, add your leads to your client newsletter. Or send emails with interesting information to prospects you want to maintain – without making a sale pitch. Forward links to articles that might be helpful to your clients. Or send short customer success stories, or case studies, detailing how your product or service helped a customer save money, increase sales or achieved another benefit.

Other ways to create maximum ROI for trade show investments is to review your sorted leads before your next trade show and use them to determine your level of attention at the upcoming show. You can only entertain so many clients in a 2-3 day period, and they can only attend so many lunches or concerts. Arrange meetings with hot leads before a trade show, it makes it more difficult for your competitors to book your prospects’ time at the show.

Have a Team Meeting: After the show, bring your sales, marketing and production teams together to discuss the leads from the show. Each team might be able to suggest ways to maximize the time spent and the leads gained.

Work with an Expert Consultant: Trade show displays are more than just booth walls, flooring, lighting and signage. Companies like Northwest Creative Imaging can help you create the optimal display space depending on the type of show you’re attending, type of clients you’ll be prospecting and type of desired interactions. Take advantage of a free consultation with one of NWCI’s experts today.

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5 Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Materials in Your Trade Show Display

Going green with trade show displays is a growing trend among businesses. Companies want to help the environment and make a difference. They are seeking different products for trade show booths, and are using criteria around these points:

– Is it made of recycled products?eco friendly trade show booths

– Can it be recycled at the end of its life?

– Is its source material sustainable?

Going green can help businesses gain tangible and intangible benefits while helping the environment. It’s your company’s chance to re-think the items you take from show to show to reduce your carbon footprint, decrease your marketing costs, and enhance your company profile. An eco-friendly trade show strategy can bring you the five following benefits that last beyond a single show.

1) Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Many businesses are pursuing an environmental stance in their social responsibility programs. After all, a greener earth is good for everyone, right? Owners realize that eco-friendly business practices can help improve their local environments and contribute to global greening efforts. If your company is thinking green, make sure to include environmentally-friendly materials in your trade show displays throughout the year.

2) Score Points with Customers and Clients

Consumers like to buy from businesses that make quality products and also provide a positive impact on the environment, according to a recent study. The more your products are shown to be good solutions AND show commitment to helping the planet, the more impact you’ll have with these customers and clients. People won’t buy an inferior product or pay too much for a similar service they can get much cheaper elsewhere, but close competitors need every edge they can get. Make sure you tout your green display and business practices at your booth. Try a few of these strategies:

Don’t go overboard with detailed environmental facts. Just let visitors at your booth know you are environmentally conscious.

3) Reduce your Costs

Having a focus on an eco-friendly trade show display can save money, too. This could be accomplished by using lighter materials (saves in shipping) and electronic devices for orders, presentations and more, rather than all the printed paper brochures to bring to conferences. Other ways could include:

  • Converting to energy efficient light bulbs, which last longer and save electrical expenses
  • Using smart devices, tablets and kiosks for sales presentations – this reduces the cost of printing and shipping massive amounts of printed company brochures, product info sheets and more
  • Rethinking your show giveaways. Instead of stress balls, key chains and flying discs with your company logo on them, why not look to eco-friendly giveaways? You can find items online from eco product vendors like organic cotton tote bags, recycled plastic items and other environmentally-minded items.

4) Increase your Media Coverage

Blogs, industry websites and business publications are always looking for interesting stories. If you can provide a news angle to your eco-friendly trade show display, you’ll increase the likelihood of generating more media coverage. In addition to providing information on why you’re using bamboo flooring, or low-intensity lighting, provide some general environmental statistics to help bloggers and reporters. Offer background info about de-forestation to underscore how valuable it can be for businesses using renewable materials.

5) Attract Eco-Friendly employers

If you’re competing with other businesses for top-quality workers, the more personal satisfaction you can give employees, the more likely you will win the recruiting wars. Don’t just share your green efforts with clients and the media. Let your employees know how you’re contributing to making their world better. Include this information during interviews to impress potential hires. Make sure your website touts your green initiatives and create a PR campaign so your employees know they work for a green company.

Let the experts at Northwest Creative Imaging help you with ideas for reducing the carbon footprint of your trade show display. Take advantage of a free consultation with one of NWCI’s experts today.

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Why Interactive Displays Are a Must for Trade Shows

Interactive displays are now a vital part of the success of trade show exhibitors. Hanging banners and static displays just aren’t cutting it anymore. More exhibitors are hanging large-scale commercial signage monitors in their booths, and running the latest A/V content for their customers and prospects. Digital signage and interactive screens can be terrific magnets that attract visitors during a conference or event.

In addition, trade show exhibitors are also using a mix of online and offline elements, including smartphone apps, geo-location services, social media interactivity, and more to connect their presence at a trade show with interested attendees and visitors. These interactive elements help connect with trade show attendees before, during, and after the event.

Let’s look at the types of interactive elements that might fit best for your trade show audience.

Types of Interactivity

The types of interactive elements appropriate for your trade show activity depend upon your chosen industry. Your goal for the trade show can spotlight the product or service that you supply. For example, if you sell food consumables, you may want to hand out free samples so that visitors can explore the taste. That’s a low-tech form of show interactivity, but it’s also one of the key ways to sway a buyer at a food trade show.

Conversely, if your industry is connected with mobile phone technology, your trade show display at an event like the upcoming  Super Mobility Week will lean more heavily toward smartphone apps and web connectivity elements in the booth.  The level of interactivity that your company is hoping to achieve should be connected with your level of customer and prospects. For instance, if you’re displaying farm machinery and equipment for modern farms, your trade show display will likely include a level of technology engagement via tablets and phones that make sense to your customers.

Here are some components of trade show interactivity that you might want to consider for your business.


More companies are choosing to stream their trade show booth proceedings over the course of a trade show. Using a webcasting service for a trade show can engage customers and prospects who can’t travel to the show. A webcasting service can allow your team to “star” in its own trade show display production. They can stream video from the exhibit hall and activities around your booth to a dedicated channel on YouTube or your own website. A webcast is perfect for showing product demonstrations, interviews with company executives or industry leaders, and fun activities with visitors to your trade show booth.

interactive displays

Interactive Touch Screens

A simple, yet fun way to get potential customers into your booth is to provide them with interactive touch screens. That could mean phones, tablets, or even TVs. With that technology, you can create a tailored interface that visually showcases everything your company has to offer without drowning potential customers in endless content. Don’t underestimate the thrill that an adult will experience while interacting with something that seems to be aimed at youth. The inner-child in them will likely take over and explore the virtual world you created.

Group Demonstrations

Allowing groups of visitors to get a hands-on experience will ultimately make them more comfortable with your product. It is recommended that you announce specific times during the day that you will conduct the product demonstrations so you are able to build up anticipation and your prospects will be able to plan ahead. It is also recommended that you use a seasoned salesperson with an outgoing, fun attitude, to not only put potential customers at ease, but earn their trust and get them to believe in your products.


The goal here isn’t for you to create an unbeatable, carnival-style game or a game so simple a baby could win at it. You want your booth’s visitors to be challenged but to ultimately find success. You want your game to tie in your business. An easy way to do that is to involve your social media platforms. Make the players visit your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram channels to advance in the game. Give them trivia that relates to your industry or send them on a scavenger hunt so they will return to your booth later to redeem a prize. There are dozens of simple games to set up that will draw plenty of positive attention to your booth.

Large-Scale Video

One of the biggest trends in trade show displays is the use of a video wall to seamlessly display large-scale presentations. Companies are pushing their content built for the show onto the video walls and making a lasting impression with booth visitors.

Lead Retrieval Systems

Another great way to build up the level of interactivity at your trade show is to use an automated lead retrieval system. These devices can normally be rented from the show organizer; the cost for a 3-day show will be anywhere from $250-$350 for the rental. Or your company can decide to purchase your own lead retrieval device ahead of time. These tools allow your trade show booth team to scan the attendees’ badge instead of just getting a business card for follow-up. There is a great deal of encoded information on attendee badges, like titles, interest in specific products and services, and levels of budget authority. Having this information in your database from an attendee badge scan can be a great opportunity to follow up with a sensible marketing pitch a few weeks after the show.

Go Wild and Have Fun!

Sometimes the most bizarre ideas are the ones that people remember the most. Whether you have a piano that plays as you step on it, or you have an interactive light show, people will be drawn to your booth. You must remember that half the battle is piquing people’s interest, so being creative is a great way to get people talking and asking about your company.

Don’t be afraid to be bold and outstanding; if necessary, go “over the top.” The old saying is that all publicity is good publicity, so think big. Make your trade show booth the one that stands out from the crowd. Remember that, in your particular industry, almost all of the other booths will be your competitors! You need to make absolutely certain that the booth that visitors remember after they have left is yours.

For more creative ideas for your next booth display, consider contacting Northwest Creative Imaging, a specialist business dedicated to helping your company win big at your next trade show.

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5 Big Trade Shows in Las Vegas Fall 2014

Las Vegas is in the top 3 U.S. cities when it comes to popular U.S. city destinations for large trade shows and conferences. According to Cvent, Vegas ranked #3 just behind Chicago and Orlando in popular trade show destinations in 2013. Its large hotel capacity, amazing entertainment, warm weather and reputation as “Sin City” all help to keep money flowing into its city coffers. Another study showed that in 2012, Las Vegas hosted 60 of the top 250 trade shows – that’s nearly a quarter of all trade shows combined.5 Big Trade Shows in Las Vegas

Top trade shows like their attendees to mix business with pleasure; it’s good for the local economy as well as for trade show enjoyment. Here are five big trade shows coming up in fall 2014 in Las Vegas that should be on your calendar if you’re in these industries.

Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Nov. 4 – 11

The global automobile aftermarket is a huge industry, representing nearly $400 billion in annual sales. Over 100,000 car managers, shop operators and auto chains professionals from around the globe come to Las Vegas for the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week. This is the show to connect with key influencers and decision makers in the auto target market. Attendees will network with auto shop retailers, car jobbers, wholesale parts distributors, service sector executives and many other auto-focused professionals.

National Association of Convenience Stores Annual Meeting & Exposition

Las Vegas Convention Center, Oct. 7-10

If you’re involved in convenience store retail, then this is the show to attend. The National Association of Convenience Stores’ Annual Meeting & Exposition brings together over 20,000 attendees who own and operate convenience store and fuel centers. Exhibitors will show off new products and retailer options at their trade show displays to help the owners increase sales. These retailers serve millions of consumers across all demographics.

G2E: Global Gaming Expo 2014

Sands Expo & Convention Center, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2

A gaming trade show in Vegas? Win-Win! Over 17,000 people are expected to attend this 3-day expo to improve their knowledge about gaming processes and to get customers to spend more money. This conference provides attendees with information about ways to attract Millennials to gaming, behavioral trends of American gamblers, “Big Data” analytics and cybersecurity.

Solar Energy Trade Show 2014

Las Vegas Convention Center, Oct. 20-23

If you’re looking for an event that focuses on innovative technologies, the Solar Energy Trade Show should fill the bill. More than 700 exhibitors representing the forefront of green energy will be there. Learn how they promote their solar technologies or panel installations to companies and the expected 15,000-plus attendees from over 75 countries.

Specialty Graphics Annual National Convention

Las Vegas Convention Center, October 22-24

Learn about communications and/or get your message in front of the graphics community at this trade show attended by 23,000 industry professionals. There’s little doubt that this show will have some of the most innovative and effective trade show display signage based on who the exhibitors are – graphics professionals.

To attend these shows, check out the calendar at – it lets you search for shows sorting by venue, date, number of attendees or number of exhibitors. And if you’re exhibiting at these shows, let the experts at Northwest Creative Imaging help you with trade show display ideas. Take advantage of a free consultation with one of NWCI’s experts today.

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Trade Show Technology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Like most industries today, the evolution of trade show technology has been rapid over the last half century. Providing an engaging experience to trade show attendees has remained the consistent goal, with each year bringing forth new enhancements.

Exhibitors can stand out by creatively using technology in their trade show design services. Using technology to attract people to your booth, make your product stand out and provide a valuable user experience provides a marketing advantage over your competition.

These advancements provide the blueprint to acquiring more leads in a shorter time frame. Where the past would require careful tracking of potential and existing customers through a personnel touch, technology can expand that reach through tools such as lead retrieval apps.

What does the future hold for trade show technology? The tenets of trade show success remain the same: give visitors to your booth an educational, valuable and engaging experience. However, how you communicate that with exhibit goers and how they receive and process that message will no doubt continue to evolve.

Trade Show Technology

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A Noobs Guide To San Diego Comic Con 2014

San Diego Comic Con 2014(July 24-27) is expected to once again see over 100,000 people attend this world renowned convention. Of the attendees, many are veterans with years of attendance under their belts. For others, Comic Con 2014 will be the first time experiencing this extravaganza of an event. For those conference rookies, this infographic provides a humorous San Diego Comic Con Guide that will help you make the most of your time.



The sheer size of the San Diego Convention Center coupled with the never ending character of the event makes for endless sights to see. Not to mention all of the interactions to be had throughout the four day conference. As much as you may want to see it all, it would take a super hero effort to do so. With a bit of reconnaissance ahead of attending, you can scope out the best way to treat your experience.

Whether you are at Comic Con to network with industry insiders, meet with your favorite illustrator or to see and be seen by cosplayers, this guide will provide you with the lay of the land to enhance your experience.

For even more great stuff on the event, check out the Comic Con 2014 Insider’s Guide for specifics about this year’s conference.

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Tent Usage for Outdoor Business Events

When the summer heat strikes, but an outdoor event is in the cards, you’ll want to make sure you’re covered, literally. Outdoor business events pose unique challenges that test even the most experienced event and show planning professionals.

A variety of circumstances can alter an outdoor planned business event. From inclement weather to catering snafus, outdoor events seem more accident-prone. Among the areas to be covered below are tips on location, weather, proper tent selection, setup, adaptability and overall display.

In this article we’ll take a look at each of these elements and how they interact to provide you with the perfect business event setup.

Key Differences in Indoor and Outdoor Events

outdoor event logoIf you’ve attended, or had a table at any indoor business events, then I’m sure you’re able to discern the main difference between indoor and outdoor events. Weather is probably the most-discussed variable. Your day can begin with perfect weather for the event, but by the start time, can turn into something far nastier.  It’s important to have the right tent display for business events.

Because of this, outdoor events take a more significant amount of planning than indoor counterparts. The biggest difference comes down to tent usage and setup. It helps to get your mindset ready for the challenges you may encounter along the way.

Unpredictable Weather

All the best planing and preparation of an event by show organizers can be disrupted by poor weather. But rarely are events cancelled even during rough weather days or nights. So to ensure showing your tent display to its best effect even during poor weather, here are a few tips to consider:

– Bring heavy rocks, weights or clamps to hold items down in case of high winds. You can secure your brochures and other printed materials in place, clamp down the table coverings, and even use weighted materials to steady a tent in the wind.

– If rain is in the forecast, but the event is still happening, then come prepared with extra plastic drop sheets to have to use over your display items.

Unstable Environment

It’s possible that your tent display might be set up near the show DJ tent, and you might be having to “Get Lucky” or “Happy” all day long. Of course, this is a tough environment to make new customers, so work with the show organizer to see if your tent can be moved elsewhere.  If not, just try to make the best of it. Who knows, the music may draw more people to your display than anticipated, and you may have the DJ to thank. Just remember to provide an outstanding experience to the event goers, to ensure that your company or organization will stay remembered.

– Use the outdoor elements to win over prospects. Perhaps a wind pinwheel might provide the right touch for someone to walk into your tent booth display. Sometimes just business cards don’t work.

– Offer an hourly event at your display, either a drawing for swag or a contest to win some new customer attention.

The Proper Tent

Choose the right size of tent for your business needs. Large tent displays work better in

custom outdoor event tent

NWCI Custom 10×20 Event Tent

large event spaces. Small tents would look awkward in a large space, so make sure to achieve the right fit for the tent display.

Will you be in colder temperature? Or harsh sunlight? Some large tent displays come with sides that can be taken down to protect from bright sun or wind. When the weather is calm, you can pull the sides up.

Setup Time

Some tent displays are easy to set up. Others take several persons to achieve it. Make sure you know what you’re getting into with setup time when selecting the right tent.

If your tent takes too long to set up, then you may have to rush with the rest of your trade show display, which will detract from the overall power. On the other hand, if you have a lot of employees on deck, then a larger tent has the potential to be set up very quickly with the added manpower.

Branded Design

Will you have branded graphics on your tent display? If so, you’ll need to leave extra time before the event to get that process finalized. But the extra time will be worth it. Branding your tent allows you to send a stronger message to your potential customers. It also helps you stand out from the flood of white or unbranded tents that are more common at outdoor business events.

For a personalized review of your outdoor tent display needs, contact Northwest Creative Imaging  to discuss your needs. NWCI can help you pinpoint the best tent display, and other areas like flooring, lighting, technology and graphics options to help you meet your branding, visitor-attraction and budget needs.

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